A Virtual Office Biz is one of the quickest ways to start a home based business. In fact, you can start a Virtual Office Biz from the comfort of your home within 24 hours if you own a computer, Internet connection, a website and have the required office skills.
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How to Start a Virtual Office Biz at Home

A Virtual Office Biz is one of the quickest ways to start a home based business. In fact, you can start a Virtual Office Biz from the comfort of your home within 24 hours if you own a computer, Internet connection, a website and have the required great office skills!

Think about it!

You probably already are performing the basic skills required of the Virtual Office Assistant or you've probably performed secretarial or clerical functions similar to what every Virtual Office Assistant must perform everyday.

Perhaps you possess great keyboarding skills, computer skills, familiar with various word processing or spreadsheet programs. You are great at multi-tasking, very decisive personality, excellent self-discipline, great at prioritizing important task. And of course work great under pressure. These are the basic skills required of the Successful Virtual Office Professional working out of the home.

If this industry sounds like what you've been searching for in a home based business and you think you are up to the challenge in this demanding solo profession, here are a few pointers to get you started.

First, you will need the basic equipment which should include a high end computer, desk, fax, scanner, printer, telephone with voice mail or an answering machine. A copy machine along with a broadband Internet connection are essential. Other items you might consider adding once you accumulate clients include a telephone headset, webcam, laptop, business telephone line used solely for your V.A. Biz.

How to find your first clients. Most Virtual Office Assistants find their clients through word of mouth referrals, networking at business functions or advertising on the Internet. You might also try posting information about your service at online job boards, message boards, home-business forums. Offline consider giving talks at local community centers about your service or posting ads in local newspapers.

How much to charge for your services. This is a very tricky or complicated area for the beginner. When establishing your rates be sure to include the overhead cost so that you will make a reasonable profit. A good place to begin is to find out what other Virtual Office Assistants are charging in your area. And use this as a guide to set your rates.

Also, what you will charge depends on your experience. You might consider charging slightly lower fee than established more experienced Virtual Office Assistants in your location. Next, consider charging by the hour instead of committing to a set fee for the work which you cannot change or negotiate higher if the cost for processing is much higher than you projected.

Expected Income This again depends on your geographical location. Recent studies on Independent Virtual Office Assistants forecast extensive income growth. Most beginners start at around $15.00 per hour to $35.00 per hour. Experienced Virtual Office Assistants located in large metropolitan cities like New York start at about $70.00 and up per hour.

So many smaller business owners find they do not have the time to handle all the mundane task involved with running their business and will certainly seek out your Virtual Office Biz to lighten their work load. That is why experts report a long term growth in this industry and a very profitable business venture for the right person with the right skills.

It's easy to start a Virtual Office Or Secretarial Biz online. The start-up cost is low. Here's a source to check out to get you started on your way to Independence and financial success.

B.B.Lee is a freelance writer for New-BizReviews Visit for more profitable low cost home based-biz ideas. Download your free business plan or free business ebooks. New-BizReviews

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