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Now Creating Your Own Distance Learning Course Makes More Sense Than Ever

People are flocking to distance learning as a way to grow personally and professionally. It's already widely used in the corporate, academic, and coaching worlds.

Setting up distance learning courses can be a way for you to help people, establish your expertise, gain a reputation in your field, grow your practice, establish your own business, and generate passive revenue.

Some Things to Know

Check out the copyright laws at U.S. Copyright Office. Attach the copyright © to your materials the minute they have perceptible form, and respect the copyrights of others.

Offer options - synchronous (real time, such as streaming audio or video, chat room or teleconference) or asynchronous (packaged for self-pacing), or both.

My own distance learning courses are available with or without email interaction, with or without teleconference and individualized instruction, with or without group participation, and all are available for licensing (another passive revenue stream).

Include as many modes of learning as you can, including written homework, sound and visual activities, interaction, action points, metaphor, and journaling. Plan for about one hour a week for lesson and homework, as today's adult learners are very busy.

For a free international bridge line, go to Mr Conference. You can also rent bridge lines through coaching schools for a nominal fee.


You can see (or may have experienced), the tremendous advantages to distance learning -

Flexibility for the student
Access to the instructor
Affordable and convenient
You can focus in the privacy and convenience of your own home or office
Multiple options
Self-paced learning
As the course designer and teacher, you can focus on ideas and enrichment
You can reach diverse individuals and accommodate different learning styles
Global reach
Once established, the courses run themselves. It's a win-win situation.

Disadvantages are mainly for those students who learn better in a real-time group situation.

What and Where to Teach?

Check out sources like Blackboard and see what topics and titles you have knowledge of are popular.

As soon as you're getting enough students to afford a Virtual Assistant, turn the logistics over to them for registration and mailouts, with the students still responding to your email address. This will free you for higher level work.

Create a Completion Certificate for your students. Be sure and include your name, website, and phone number on the certificate so others can find you when your proud student has framed it and hung it on the wall!

To jumpstart the process, hire a distance learning coach who can show you the ropes. Writing for the Internet, and teaching through the Internet require a new set of skills.

Teaching has been called "the highest form of learning," so it's a win-win-situation. You'll take a quantum leap in your own understanding of your field while teaching others things they're eager to learn.

Susan Dunn, Web Strategies. Marketing and Distance Learning coach for coaches who want passive revenue, values-added extras, Top Tens, articles, Internet promotion and success.

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