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You Can Sell ROCKS on the Web

I'm serious. Not only are people selling rocks on the Web, but they are getting good money for them, and they are going fast! If you want to purchase a rock, you better hurry because a lot of the good ones are already sold!

It all started with Lin Wellford's book, The Art of Painting Animals on Rocks. She was frustrated with the high cost of canvas, matting, and framing. One day while walking in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas, she saw a rock that looked like a rabbit. She painted eyes, ears, and a fluffy tail on the rock, and it "came to life".

I know what your thinking: "I'm not a professional artist". But you CAN trace the outline of a butterfly, can't you? Then check out Hand Painted Rocks Here you'll find rocks painted with butterflies, dragonflies, and flowers. Prices range from $12.00 to $20.00 with many sold signs.

Rock Zone, a geocities Web site, features a "Cool Rocks" page with Elvis rocks, skull rocks, and other crazy stuff. No insult intended, but you don't have to be a professional artist to create these types of pieces.

Lin Wellford's book provides clear step-by-step instructions showing how to paint animals on rocks. The same information is available for free on the Web. If you take the time to learn these techniques and you do create some respectable art work, you can demand considerably more money for your rocks.

Visit Jeanne Cody's Stone Critters Web site. You'll find a Zebra painted rock that sold for $45.00. A Raccoon painted rock that sold for $64.00. Almost everything has a sold sign. Jeannie can sell anything she paints at similar prices.

Why is there such a demand for painted rocks? Because they make great gifts. They can decorate a garden, or be displayed on a shelf or desk top. A good quality painted rock could be a center piece for a coffee table.

The raw material costs for this product are extremely low. Here in Arizona we have plenty of rocks. Right now I'm looking at a page in Lin Wellford's book that shows how to paint a Ladybug. I can do that! Excuse me, I have to go look for something outside.

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