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How to Write a Cookbook

Writing a cookbook is often a dream of the avid home cook. And why not? Recipes are a treasure trove of experience, history, and love all rolled into one and it's great to share this experience with others. Preserving your recipes for future generations as well as your contemporaries is a very worthy reason to write a cookbook. And who knows? You might even become famous as a result!

The cookbook market is saturated and yet, it is still one of the bestselling book markets because people love food and love looking at images of it and imagining themselves making it, even if they never get around to it! To help your cookbook stand out, it helps to be as original as possible while still tapping into what's hot right now.

For example, if cake pops are popular, what's a new angle you can bring to them? Perhaps recipes of cake pops shaped like cats or cake pops focused on garden themes would be enough to set your work apart from other cake pop books. Use a blend of your own specialty, what's hot right now and what's original enough to capture attention amid all the other cookbooks clamoring for attention.

Defining the Purpose of Your Cookbook

Decide Why You Are Writing the Cookbook

You need to make a decision about this in order to know how to approach your cookbook and to whom you will target it. For example, if you simply wish to write a cookbook for your own personal use, creating it on your computer in a readable PDF format that can be printed and bound simply with staples and a little scrapbook artistry might be sufficient for you.

If it's for a family reunion, for local or national publication, or to commemorate an event, it's likely that you'll want to produce something more formal and you will probably need to consider photographs and decent printing services, including good binding.

If it's for professional publishing, you may wish to explore contacting the publisher before even embarking on the project, to garner potential interest and to get advice.

Choosing and Writing Up Recipes

Select your best or favorite recipes

A good cookbook is an assemblage of a well thought-out collection of recipes that reflect themes, such as starters, appetizers, entrées, desserts, baking, etc. Generally you stick to one cooking style rather than being too eclectic, for example, raw, homestyle, old-fashioned, family friendly, easy cooking, fast cooking, dinner party cooking, fresh, seafood focused, etc.

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