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Are You a Terrible Writer?

How to Write Web Pages on Any Topic Fast

In a dream world, you'd love to be able to pump out web pages, blog posts, eBooks, emails, etc, in an effortless fashion, rapidly. Ideally, your content would engage and delight your audience and transform you into a literary rock star. Guess what? Your near-delusional dreams of effortless hyper-productivity are about to come true!

In this book, How to Write Web Pages on Any Topic Fast, Adam Kosloff reveals the exact systems and methods he's used to become the web's most prolific content writer - 31,000+ original web pages written since 2003. That's over 15 million words published! All while web writing part time.

Call Adam a "churnalist" if you will, but he's developed masterful techniques to pump out bestselling, critically admired eBooks in a week. He has an unmatched track record for creating high quality web content, rapidly, on literally ANY topic under the sun.


Symptoms of Being a Terrible Writer

No one reads your blog or website
You have a high bounce rate
Your clients give you harsh notes and ask you to rewrite everything
You keep getting fired by clients
Your friends make fun of your blog on Facebook
You know in your gut that your writing could use work
Flip through your portfolio to three random pieces of writing. Do you get a sinking feeling in your stomach, like "this is totally incoherent" or "this is amateur hour"?

Become a Better Writer

Writing is like athletics. It's ridiculous to say someone is a "good athlete" or a "bad athlete." Your skill depends on the task at hand. For instance:

o Say you have an awesome golf swing but putt like a spasmodic 8 year old. Should you be classified as a good golfer or bad golfer?
o Say you can run a five-minute mile, but you are 40 pounds overweight. Are you in good shape or bad shape?

See what I'm getting at? Same goes for your writing skills. You're neither a good writer, nor a bad one. Such judgments make zero sense outside of specific contexts.

Here's the good news. You don't need to fix all aspects of your "writing game." You only need to fix the aspects that Matter for your Purpose. You do this by identifying the critical skills you need and then practicing those skills in a deliberate, constructive fashion. Not all "practice" will be useful for all aspects of your game. Some practice might even harm you. For instance, by churning out 31,716 pages of web writing, I inadvertently crippled my grammar skills. They're atrocious and embarrassing. I'm sure my sophomore English teacher, Mrs. Miller, would have my head if she read some of the stuff I've written.

So practice can make your writing worse if it's not the right practice on the right stuff.

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