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Make Money Online From Article Writing

I'll be the first one to admit that article writing can be a very tedious process but it becomes quite lucrative if you are able to apply the right principles. Like others have mentioned one of the easy ways around it is to rewrite an article. Articles can be found at Article Hub.com, Go Articles.com, Articles Base, or Ezine Articles.

When rewriting an articles the best advice is to begin by separating it into individual sentences. Then rewrite each sentence by putting it in your own words. You're doing this not only to avoid plagarism but also because search engines and article submission site don't like duplicate content.

If you have the funds there are other options available. You could purchase an article rewriting software also known as an article spinner. They allow you to take one article and change into many other with minimal effort. They range in price from $29.99 upwards. Another option is to have the article written for you by an SEO writer. I'm a member of Need An Article.com where you can purchase an article for a little as $6.95.

When writing your article make sure to pick two keywords that you want it to be ranked for. Using Google's Keyword tool you can find out which keyword is high is demand (by global search results), but low in competition. Keywords research can become long and tiring. A great tool to use to research your keywords and track their performance all in one place is KeywordSpy Pro, the No.1 keyword research tool available. They have a free trial so if you are serious about making money with article marketing, check them out.

Use the stronger of the two keywords based off the values above as your primary keyword, meaning have it appear in 3-4 percent of your article. So if your keyword is "making money online", it would appear 3-4 times for every 100 words of your article. Even though "making money online" is composed of three words it is considered as one keyword if it appears consistently throughout your article in the same order. Your secondary keyword should have 2-3 percent density in your article.

Use a combination of the two keywords in your title because it will get found quickly when people type in those words.

The desire to be ranked higher for the keywords will tempt you to increase their density but be advise that doing so can be considered spamming which would cause your article to be ranked really low on search engine or deleted from the article sites.

The key to good article writing is to make sure to write the article for the readers first. Don't let the keywords get in your way of writing a fluent, helpful article and making money online. Insert your keywords in a way that seems natural to the readers. Once you've written for the readers then you can go back in and tweak it for the search engines. Remember, CONTENT first, CASH after.

Speaking of cash, once you have your well written article you can now begin monetizing it. The monetization of article writing can come about in several ways.

First, you can write an article with the intention of using it solely on search engines. This allows you to put multiple links back to products and services for which you get commissions. For example, using the following keywords; buy weight loss pills and weight loss reviews you could write an article comparing a few weight loss pills you know or have knowledge about. If you don't, then maybe you should Google some info or better yet be writing about something that you have knowledge of.

Because of your keywords when a reader locates your article from a search you already know that they are looking for weight loss reviews with the intention of buying. This is already a presold customer. Now all you have to do is sell them on what you're reviewing. You should have already included affiliate links back to weight loss pills offers you are promoting.

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