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Five Top Paying Paid to Write Articles Sites

Got some left over articles that you written before and stashed away from the day of light? Whether it be poetry, a recipe, about your culture, a book, article databases like Associated Content will take them all, and even pay you for submitting them to their database.

Types of Payments

Usually there are two plans that you can choose. You can either invest for the short term offer, or go for the long term offer. You've got to choose.

Short Term Plan

You get payment straight up usually depending on the word count of the article, the uniqueness, and the quality and effort put into the article. Article databases does NOT accept copy and paste work scraped from someone else's site nor can you submit someone else's work.

Long Term Plan

Generally, most article writers or journalists who have spare time, submit their articles with the long term plan. You don't receive any money straight up, why that is because it is called long term, however, you get paid for the number of views your article generates. For example, for AC, for every 1,000th view, you get $1.50 to your Paypal.

Five Two Paid to Write Article Sites

Squidoo is one of the most popular social networking site that enables users to create groups as well as submit articles and pay them for their writing. Articles are referred to lens in the Squidoo community, and the more views you get to your articles, the more pay you will get like all the other paid to write articles sites.

HubPages takes uniqueness to it's max. They have a newer clever way of generating money. You simply place your ads from either publishers, Kontera or from Google Adsense and those ads will be placed on every article you write. When someone clicks on an ad on one those articles you wrote on HubPages, guess who gets the revenue?

My only advice when writing for these article databases is to write true legitimate articles on topics that have that "I must share this with my friend" feel afterwards. Some examples are healthy eating, exercising, advice, and more. The easy part is to submit articles, but the hardest part is to write articles that builds a community. Sort of like a blog right? Except you are getting paid for every view your article gets.

Albert is blog writer and blog owner of Moola Days to provide and educate the world simply about the techniques on how to make money online. Subscribe with us today and join our growing community. Ways to Make Money Online

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