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How To Make Money Online Using Google Trends And Writing Articles For Free

Like everything else, most people will know this but they will tend to forget it, at the same time. Just like many others might not have a clue about this at all because they might be new to writing articles. For those that will take the time to read it, it will benefit you, and help you a lot. I will cover some of the basic things that I might have cover in previous articles, and I will add a couple of new things that I have learned as well.

In life itself we learn something new everyday, whether we think we don't we always do, no one in life knows everything there's to know, one there's too much to learn, and two everyone knows different things. A person can write 10-12 articles a day publish them, and still get the same amount of money that a person that has written only 12 articles all together makes. How can this be explained?

Simple; the articles that other person has written they might have been good articles. But they might have not been as effective, or they might not have had that much influence on other members, as the person that has only written 12 articles altogether has. I'm not trying to say that this means that the more you write isn't good, it is but what I'm saying is, take your time writing. Research, take a look at certain things that interest people, and write about it.

Even if an article takes time, is best to take your time and write a great article, than to write an article real quick, and still have to wait to make big money earnings on it. An article that is well written, that has a lot of good keywords, details, pictures will make a lot more money than an article that lacks details, information, or that doesn't have any pictures at all.

Another important factor; under keywords within your ehow articles read your article, analyze what other possibilities could a person be looking at in Google itself, that they could type in, and look at your article. Even with all this information we can always research more, and know extra ways to provide even more money to your articles, and I will list them below.

Instructions Number 1

Step 1 Go to Google.com type in Google trends this shows keywords that people look for everyday.
Step 2 Write an article about any of the keywords been listed in Google trends.
Step 3 Not only will you make money from ehow by writing the article.

You'll get a lot more views on the article, and your money earning potential will be a lot faster as well. If you can continue to do this procedure with articles, even if you don't have a clue how to start it, think write down ideas, and you will succeed.

Instructions Number 2

One great marketing research tool you can use to scope out the Internet for potent money-making opportunities is Google Trends. This is a really cool tool that allows you to see what are the hottest searches almost in real time. It will allow you to see the most popular searches on Google over the last few hours. This is where you can put to work some of your 'guerilla marketing' skills to make some fast and easy cash. So if you find a search term is getting a lot of traffic, like an Elmo toy or a specific gadget, what you can do is the following to start pulling in some easy traffic and fast profits:

Step 1 - Set Up A Free Blog Go to a free blogging service like Wordpress or Blogger and set up a free blog on the search term. Include the search term in your blog URL if possible as this will make it more optimized to get targeted traffic. Write one or two articles (or get someone else to write them quickly) and post it up on your blog.

Step 2 - Set Up Monetization Points On Your Blog There are a few ways to monetize your blog for easy money: Google Adsense is definitely one of them. Another one is affiliate programs. Let's say you want to promote an Elmo toy. You can go to CJ.com and find a merchant that sells Elmo toys and get the affiliate link or the banner ads to post up to your blog and start making money.

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