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How to Create Compelling Content for Your Email Newsletter

What's the best way to get people to read your email newsletter? Make sure the content is relevant to them and it is so compelling they just have to finish the article. Here's how to create that compelling content.

In this article I cover:

1. What's the purpose of your newsletter?
2. The seven types of article to put in an email newsletter.
3. Techniques to generate a lot of relevant ideas for your audience.
4. How to handle the promotional element of your email newsletter.

What is the purpose of your newsletter?

o Emails newsletters should be a mixture of education and promotion.

o A newsletter that has too much promotion will turn people off; a newsletter without any promotion does not fulfil its function of helping your business, and also can leave people unaware of what you actually offer!

o Newsletters should offer something of perceived value to reader. This could be useful information, special offers, a helpline or after-sales or pre-sales support service, or a Thank You.

The seven types of articles to put in an email newsletter

1. How to articles
2. Pitfalls articles
3. Getting started articles
4. Stories about customers
5. Industry News articles
6. New Product, new service articles
7. Special Offer articles

How to generate a large amount of relevant ideas for your newsletter

Start by writing down lists of things, for example here are some lists you can use:

Your products or services.
Any questions you have ever been asked about your business, its products and services, etc.
Any problems that customers come to you with.
Any ways that you have helped people to solve their problems.
Any testimonials you have received.
Any Frequently Asked Questions, which may or may not be on your website.
Any Key Words that you use in Pay Per Click, or Search Engine Optimisation.

This is your raw material.

Now start to group items together, and you will see certain themes appearing. One of the things you are looking for is an example of a customer problem that you solved.

Example of How To Use Lists to generate Relevant Ideas for Articles

For example in our business, we are often asked questions about how people can use email newsletters to develop their business and get more sales.

List 1: Products and Services

Design of Email Templates
Email Broadcast Service with full reporting etc.

List 2: Popular Questions

What content do I put in my email newsletter?
How often should I send emails?
How do I send emails to my customers?

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