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The Secrets of Successful Copywriting for the Internet

The most important thing about successful copywriting for the internet, is making a good first impression. When someone visits your website or sales page, or reads your article, that is your chance to get their attention and convince them that you or your internet business are worth knowing about.

To achieve successful copywriting for the internet, will require some skill. You'll need to know how to plan your copy and how to arrange it on the page for best effect. And, even in this text message age, you do need to be aware of grammar, punctuation and spelling.

One of the most effective secrets to great copywriting for the internet, is to aim to be entertaining and interesting, as well as accurate and informative. This will help to get your message across more easily.

Now it may take a while for all your copywriting skills to come together. However, it will pay dividends for your online business and, it's certainly worth investing your time in practising. For help in making your copy most effective, you'll find lots of free or inexpensive information on the internet.

To get you started, let's look at the three basic areas of your copy:

1. Writing the Perfect Headline
2. Writing the Introduction
3. Writing the Body and Conclusion

Writing the Perfect Headline

Your headline is the first thing that your readers will see and determines whether or not they read on. In addition, the headline will be given weight by search engines, so time spent on making sure that your headline is most effective, will be well rewarded.

A good approach, is to write down as many headline ideas as you can, while thinking about the person you are writing the headline for and the product you're selling.

When you have a number of possible headlines, narrow them down to a selection of the best ones that will capture your readers' attention and give the best search engine results.

To produce this list, these are the questions you need to be asking.

1. Will the headline get people's attention?
2. Is it's purpose clear?
3. Are there any words that would improve the search engine ranking?

Sometimes, you'll find that the best headline can be produced by combining different parts of several headlines. Just experiment to find out what works best.

Writing the Introduction

If someone is reading your introduction, you have done well in getting them interested by your headline. Now you need to keep them reading and encourage them to move further through the copy.

In the headline you gave the reader an idea about your subject matter. Now you can expand on that. A good way to start is usually to reiterate the headline or the essence of it, in the first few sentences.

Here you are proving that the headline was not just to catch the reader's attention, but was part of the essential information of your copy.

Then, tell them what is to come. Use words like "imagine this" or "picture this" to capture the reader's attention and get them more involved in the article. That way, they're more likely to read to the end.

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