If you want to make money writing articles, Suite 101 can be a very rewarding endeavor. Suite 101 is perhaps one of the finest revenue sharing sites on the web.
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Write Articles for Suite101 and Earn a Passive Income

If you want to make money writing articles, Suite 101 can be a very rewarding endeavor. Suite 101 is perhaps one of the finest revenue sharing sites on the web. They maintain a healthy share of article traffic and they cover a wide range of topics, which means that whatever it is you want to write about, Suite has a category to match.

In Order To Make Money Writing Articles For Suite You Have To Work Hard

How accurate this statement is really depends on your ability as a writer. Some people find it easy to churn out interesting and informative articles on a wide range of topics while others languish in writers hell searching for topics to write about. The key point to remember when producing articles is to keep your audience in mind. Do not waste time writing for the sake of writing.

A high standard:

o Grammar must be correct and it helps if you can take the time to iron out those awkward word phrases or bulky sentences. Don't allow poor spelling to hold you back, using a good dictionary is a simple matter and should be an integral part of your professional toolkit.
o Titles should reflect the content of the article.
o The body of the article should fulfill the promise of the article title.
o The article should be informative and ideally solve a problem.
o All articles should be uploaded with a suitable photograph or photograph's.
o Text links from the body of the article should number no less than two and should go only to sites that are directly related to the topic of the article.

These standards mean that Suite 101 articles have a good ranking within the Google search engine and ensures a strong volume of traffic to your articles.

There are some negatives though:

o You are not allowed to link to any site or article that you own or have written.
o You are not permitted to link to sites or articles that are not directly related to the subject matter within your article.
o When you submit photographs you are allowed to claim credit for your own photographs but you will not receive a link as is the case for independent photographers.
o The share structure under which Suite 101 operates is not public knowledge.

Every article that you submit will be checked by the editors and if there are any problems with your article they will quickly make you aware of it along with a suitable solution. My experience with the editors has been a positive one. I have found them to be professional and helpful. They are quick to respond to submissions and if you have a question, they work hard to find the answer for you.

The Revenue Share

The share of income generated by ads on the site is not public knowledge and makes predicting how much you can earn slightly difficult. However from articles that are already live on the site, I do know that you can earn as little as 0.45 cents up to $100 a month per article. It depends on the article topic, ad relevancy, promotional activities undertaken by you and a dozen other factors over which you and I have no control.

The more articles you submit the higher the revenue you will earn and if you can write on a regular basis you may be eligible for a bonus 10 percent when you reach milestones such as 50 articles etc or if you become a featured writer. Earning a full time living writing for Suite 101 is possible but does require considerable commitment and a canny knowledge of topics and potential ad returns.

For myself it is the ability to earn a passive income from old and out of date articles and topics that makes it all worth while.

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