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Freelance Writers Marketing 101

The one thing all freelance writers should begin doing at some point in their career is marketing themselves. There are so many ways to do that these days that the list is literally off the charts. However this is one great aspect of being a freelance writer for a great company. We want our writers to know all of the tips and tricks to marketing themselves. We want them to get better gigs then what we offer in general, we want them to move up and if need be, move on, in the freelance world to the great benefit of themselves, absolutely. So what do we do and what can YOU do to help market yourself as a great freelance writer?

Social Medias

These truly do offer some of the best ways to be self promotional for a few reasons. Often those on your social media list already have something in common with you, even if they are there because they are only family and friends. You do not have to have three thousand friends for your social medias to pay off. Often just having good ole Mom or Dad click your latest writing links can increase your views on any articles. Increased views means increased ratings as always! With so many other freelance writers doing this same thing, it is easy to get linked up with them and to get yet better chances to hook up with those who follow them as well!

So which ones really work?

o Twitter Twitter really works if you learn to utilize it correctly. You will have to spend some time (or outsource it) getting some people in your preferred niche to follow you. This is easily accomplished by doing keyword searches and visiting the pages that appear. Follow the user and then shoot them a quick message telling them you are now following them. Normally this will end in them following you back. However, one great thing to look at is the amount of followers they have verses the amount they are following. If the number is fairly even, chances are they will follow you back. If not, the chances are low that they will.

o Facebook Facebook is another social media that allows you to do niche searches and add friends to your profile. However, Facebook also offers something else important to a lot of their readers. Games, be prepared to play a bit of Facebook games if you want to keep your friends growing and keep the ones you have from dropping off of your site. Although a lot of people do indeed use Facebook without playing the games, the quickest way to lose a fan is to constantly spam your articles or new publications to them and never once offer to save their puppy or help their mafia out on a big heist. Be prepared to actually use your Facebook as a user would, instead of just showing what you have been doing, and you are more likely to get an interested hit or two from the articles you do post!

o LinkedIn Although I am fairly new to this one myself this has already shown a great chance for marketing my freelance writing work as well as my business. Great prospects here that I am sure to post more information on later but for personal and business marketing this site is growing in leaps and bounds and for great reasons. Get signed up as soon as you can!

Article Marketing

Yes. The thing you are doing daily for a living is one of the biggest forms of marketing a freelance writer can use. However, you are going to be using it a bit differently then usual and breaking some of the key rules that you may have just begun to learn about freelance writing. One of the best things you can do is go grab some free article submission software. There are many available and even the paid versions are not too expensive and if inexpensive may be worth the cost.

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