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Freelance Writing Jobs Galore - How to Add Value As a Writer

As an online freelance writer, quality content is the best way to continuously increase your pay rate and find new clients. The better your work the more freelance writing jobs you'll get over time. Experience means a lot, too, and in this industry, that experience doesn't just boil down to how many articles you've written in the past. To increase your value as a writer, you have to have other experience as well.

One of the best ways to make yourself more marketable is to learn about search engine optimization, or SEO. Search engines, like Google, Yahoo!, and MSN rank sites for relevance based on keyword phrases. A keyword phrase is anything someone types into the search bar - this ranges from a single work like "golfing" to a long phrase like "where to buy wooden bookcases."

When you get an article writing job, it's critical to think about how to optimize it for keywords. For example, if you are writing an article called "Ten Ways to Save Money on your Vacation," some of the keywords that might be relevant for your article are "budget vacation" and "vacation tips." If you learn about SEO, you'll understand where and how often to place these keywords in the article, title, and subheadings. Clients usually want to drive traffic via search engines, so learning SEO skills can help you convince them that you're the perfect writer to hire.

Another helpful skill is website creation. You don't have to be a professional, but a little basic HTML knowledge goes a long way. I highly recommend checking out your local community college. Often, for under $200, you can take a course on basic HTML or CSS, which increases your value as a freelancer. Get an associates degree in a computer-related area, and you'll be able to command even higher prices!

Speaking of degrees, new freelance writers often ask whether or not a bachelor's in professional writing or English is necessary. That isn't an easily answered question. Some clients care, but most care more about your abilities as a writer. The primary reason you should consider getting your degree is that you'll learn a lot about writing by doing so.

The college you attend isn't as important as what you'll learn. Often, online courses and certifications are more cost-effective options. There will always be clients who only are willing to work with degreed individuals, but you'll find more clients if you really learn a lot about freelance writing, and a traditional degree can't always give you that.

Along with additional skills regarding writing in general, you should think about your favorite topics and consider additional education in that topic area. For example, if you enjoy writing about law, consider becoming a paralegal or working in a legal office, or if you enjoy writing about real estate, consider getting your real estate license.

If you don't have the money for additional education, you can at least look for writing experience in a niche. For example, if you take a project writing ten articles about weddings and enjoy the work, look for more projects dealing with weddings and romance. This can increase your value in two ways. First, you'll be more likely to get wedding-related jobs if you have tons of previous experience writing about weddings. More importantly, though, even if you do not increase your prices, you'll be making more money per article simple because you'll be able to write faster, since you have to do less research. Concentrating on three to five specific niches is much better than just applying for every job that comes your way.

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