Copy writing and proofreading is a freelance job that many consider these days. Many are seeking alternative sources of income and copy writing does not require any formal education and can be done from home by just about anyone.
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Copywriting - Where to Get Paid Jobs and Projects

Copy writing and proofreading is a freelance job that many consider these days especially since the global economy is facing a slump. Many are seeking alternative sources of income and copy writing, along with proofreading is a favorite since it does not require any formal education and can be easily done from home by just about anyone.

There are hundreds, if not thousands of sites where you can choose to start off from for your projects⁄jobs. Just do a quick browse and you will see that. Here are several for those of you who intend to start off with. The most popular ones are Elance, Scriptlance, Guru, ODesk and GetAFreelancer. I personally tried all of them but to date, have only managed to be successful on GetAFreelancer.

The most important thing is to set up an attractive profile on these sites. If you need an idea of how to go about setting up your profile on these sites, you can click on my link in at the end of this article which will take all of you to my user profile on GetAFreelancer.

When you start out, your options are limited, especially if you are a standard, non-paying member. When I say your options are limited, I mean your bids are numbered and also, there are usually fees involved. From my personal point of view, if you are really serious about wanting to write and if you are confident that you are good, you might consider going for gold membership on GetAFreelancer. I will tell you why in the next paragraph. If you do not want to pay $12 for a month Gold membership status, skip the next two paragraphs.

As a standard member, you have a limited number of bids on GetAFreelancer. I can't put to mind exactly what the number is but I think it must be below 20. Since the site and most other sites use a bidding system, you will be required and expected to bid for your projects consistently until you land a project. Not only that, if you are standard member, there will be fees charged for EVERY project that you are awarded.

For instance, if you are awarded a project worth $30, you will be automatically charged $5 as a project fee even BEFORE you complete the project. So, for instance, you are awarded the project, you will start off with -$5 in your account. Suppose the project owner choose not to pay you (for whatever reasons), you will be left with a deficit in your account.

Now, if you were to pay $12 and sign for the Gold status, you will have a huge amount of bids (150+). Not only that, you are also excluded from any project fees that a non-Gold member is required to pay. So, suppose you get awarded several projects, you will already save on the fees. Not only that, since there is no project fees to be paid, you can generally bid for lower rates to charge. Let me tell you, most project owners tend to look for the cheapest provider they can get their hands on. It is a sad fact but more often than not, quality is overlooked for low rates.

There are many more sites that you can source for freelance copy writing and proofreading jobs but these are the ones that are most popular and have the highest rate of success; at least from my personal point of opinion. For those who are intending to start and have no idea how to go about it, visit my profile or just drop me a message anytime. I wish you all the best in everything. Take care!

For quality creative and original copy writing and proofreading services, visit my profile at edmundboey's Profile. As a one man member who work alone, I can guarantee you consistent high-quality copy writing and proofreading services.

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