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How Much Should I Charge for Article Writing?

Article/Website/Content writing, along with proofreading can prove to be a very rewarding career if one is wiling to put in a lot of effort into it. Sure, it may not necessarily be able to get one rich as in RICH but it certainly is able to provide one with a comfortable life. I am able to testify to this as four months into my career as a full-time freelance writer/proofreader, I have been able to provide for myself and my family of five. We do not live luxuriously but we have enough for our basic requirements such as foods, utility bills, transportation and others.

For those who are just starting in the field of article/content writing or proofreading, one of the many questions you are bound to ask is the compensation rate or in simple terms, the charges for your service. I found myself asking the same question when I was starting. The sites that I frequent all required bids to be placed for the projects⁄jobs. Different projects⁄jobs of different niches and requirements required different rates.

The question is, just how much should you charge, especially when you are just starting? You do not want to overcharge and face the prospect of losing the job even before the project owner can read your private message and go through your samples. On the other hand, you also do not want to undercharge for your time and effort. So, what is the general rates?

Generally, the ultimate choice would be if you are able to deal directly and get direct clients. This simply means that there will be no middlemen to sub these jobs to you and take a cut in the rates⁄charges. You will be able to deal directly and the rates should be very satisfactory. I have come across clients who were paying $20 for a page of 500 words and in some cases, even more. However, generally, it would be quite impossible to attain these rates unless you are a top article⁄content provider who is in high demand.

On sites such as the ones I mentioned in one of my earlier articles, there are many owners who seek for quality providers with the lowest possible charges/rates. This is, from my personal observation, due to the fact that these project owners are mainly middlemen who then sub jobs to others with the intention of profiteering. Nevertheless, there are still a handful of these clients who pay decent rates.

For starters, one can expect to write for anything between $1 per 250 words or even $1 per 500 words. I have seen owners who have offered $1 per 1000 words and succeeded in having people write for them. Many clients offer rock-bottom rates with the promise of long-term jobs. Sadly, most of these never happen and many just find themselves writing for these depressing rates with the hope that they will have a long-term relationship with the said clients. So, unless you are really desperate, never accept rates that are below $1 per 500 words to start off for ORIGINAL writings. For rewrites, you can expect the rates to be halved.

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