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An Introduction to Freelance Copywriting

Copywriters are pursuing freelance copywriting more and more these days because of the great opportunities it offers. If you're interested in freelancing, then here are some basic pointers to help you get an idea of what is involved.

1. Know when and how to say "no." Freelance copywriters have to know when to say "no." Sometimes your schedule is overloaded and you can't take on any new projects. Other times your clients have terrible ideas on how to market their product, so you have to correct them, gently of course. Remember that you're the professional and they are not, that is why they are hiring you, so don't be afraid to voice your ideas.

Sometimes though, clients won't budge and either you have to compromise without surrendering or get out of the project. Managing persistent clients will help ease your work experience, but sometimes you just have to get out of a situation. Otherwise your job will be very unpleasant. Some clients just aren't worth the time or trouble.

2. Be polite, persistent, and positive. Always be polite with your client and listen to their desires intently. You need to be persistent on two accounts: Looking for work, and sticking by your ideas. This will help your success greatly.

3. Make sure that you are constantly increasing your skill and expertise. Learning is a never-ending process and the most successful copywriters out there see themselves as lifelong students. As a freelance copywriter, you must constantly learn new ways to write better copy. This will keep you sharp and competitive. There is a lot of material out there, so go ahead and dive headlong into improving the quality of your product.

4. Take time to relax. Getting away from a stressful work environment is one of the main reasons copywriters switch to freelancing. So make sure not to make your new work environment equally as stressful! Set aside time to relax, write it into your schedule and stick to it. Not only will this help you lead a happier life, but consistent relaxation will also help you write better. So in the end, you'll be more productive, happier and writing better copy if you take time to rest.

5. Learn to keep a positive attitude. In order to be successful, you have to love your job, even in the hard times. If you let the stress of your work consume you, then you will come to hate your job and miss out on all the great opportunities that freelancing has to offer. So learn to keep a positive attitude now.

6. Actively nurture your personal life. Your life should be well rounded. You need to take care of your personal health and spend time with your friends and family. Even though you're working to become more successful, what will it profit you to gain the whole world but spend your life alone? Your work is an important part of your life, but not the most important.

7. Practice good work ethics. It is really important to be a person of honesty and integrity. Only make promises you know you can keep and don't cheat your clients. Let them know if you're falling behind and won't be able to make good on your end of the agreement. And never compromise on your morals in order to secure financial gain.

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