The key to eZine publishing is that your eZine must have perceived value to the subscriber. Otherwise it is just more junk mail that wastes their time. Short tips, articles, quotes, poems and even audio and video clips are welcomed and appreciated by most eZine subscribers.
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Ezine Publishing is Easier than You Think

If you are thinking about all the spam email that you spend your precious time clearing out of your mailbox, I would ask you to read this carefully and keep an open mind. Let me explain the difference between spam (which is illegal) and permission based email (opt-in).

Make Huge Profits through Opt-in Email

When someone comes to a website and completes a little form giving permission to receive email from that company and/or other companies that are specified, that is called opt-in email. It is the only legitimate form of bulk email. The good news about email marketing is that people who have opted in to receive your mailings, know your name and are much more likely to open your email.

Even if they ignore it for months and months, the fact that your name is coming across their monitor again and again is imprinting a powerful message in their minds. That message is something like this: "Wow - this company is very persistent and they are really on the ball." As they read your email which is not just ads but giving them valuable tips and information, they are building a trusting relationship with you. People buy from people they like and trust.

The key to email marketing is that it must add perceived value to the visitor. Otherwise it is just more junk mail that wastes their time. Short tips, articles, quotes, poems and even audio and video clips are welcomed and appreciated by most email subscribers. As people read your information and learn from you, you become regarded as the "expert" in your field. These people are more open to what you have to say and much more likely to trust your judgment and use your products and services. Not only that, when they like you and trust you, they will spread the good word about you to family, friends and business associates.

Rest assured too that there are ways to prevent your email from ending up in someone's spam or junk mail folder. Keep reading to find out how.

Grow Your Business Through Your Subscriber List

The most important thing that you can do is to build a list of subscribers at your website. When you signup with a mail list service (which I highly recommend), you can give your webmaster some simple code to put on your pages that will prompt people to opt in to receive your newsletter. An online newsletter is called an e-zine. You want to give your e-zine a name that relates to what it is about. The name of your e-zine does not have to be the same as your domain name. You might purchase a separate domain name just for your e-zine.

I purchased the domain name Even though I am not using that name to promote my e-zine, I purchased it mainly to prevent someone else from getting a benefit from my e-zine name. Always give people a url to use for subscribing to your e-zine. It could be your separate domain that you use specifically for building your list. Or you could send them to a page on your main website.

Even if you include a sign up form on every page of your site which is highly recommended, a newsletter page is also important. This page gives you more room to explain the benefits and include your picture, your name as the publisher, an impressive cover that makes it look like a real magazine, your incentive for subscribing, your privacy policy and a sign up form.

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