These nine effective strategies will help you get the most out of publishing your own e-zine. These simple techniques can help you to grow a massive opt-in email list, become known as an expert and explode your sales!
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Nine Ways to Advertise Your E-Zine and Become Known as an Expert

Now that you've published an e-zine, you will need to get it in front of your target market. These nine effective strategies will help you get the most out of publishing your e-zine. These simple techniques can help you to grow a massive opt-in email list, become known as an expert and explode your sales!

1. Don't miss an opportunity to advertise your e-zine on the back of your business card. Here is the ad that I use:

Web PuzzleMaster's "Winning Marketing Secrets" is a FREE semimonthly e-zine for small biz owners who want to double their sales this year. You'll get insider secrets and free resources to help you make money, save time and turn your website into a moneymaking machine, guaranteed! I conclude with my subscription address.

2. Use live networking events, seminars and public speaking opportunities to build your list. During networking events, be sure to have a conversation specifically about your e-zine with the people who you meet. Ask for permission to add them to your list. Don't assume that because you have some physical contact, their permission is implied. Speaking in public is a premium opportunity to get people in your audience to subscribe. One way to do that is through a drawing for a prize.

In order to be eligible, they have to drop their business card in a bowl. Mention that everyone participating in the drawing will be receiving a complimentary issue of your e-zine called ... Give some key benefits of your e-zine in a 25-word description. If you do not want to have a drawing, consider a sign-up sheet to collect their names and email addresses. Use an attention-getting headline along with your 25-word description and privacy policy on the top of the sheet.

3. Build your list when you exhibit at trade shows attended by your target market. Use a product giveaway as an incentive to collect cards. Include a sign next to the bowl that says something like ... "Drop Your Business Card Here ... for a chance to win a fabulous weekend getaway AND a FREE Subscription to our [Name of Your E-zine]."

4. Use fax broadcasts to build your list. Buy or rent lists of fax numbers to reach your target market. You can buy these from trade publications and mailing companies. Some companies will do the broadcast for you. If you receive a list, you can import it into a fax software program that sends your fax out in a batch. Be sure to become informed about regulations regarding fax broadcasting. Go to and search for "fax."

5. Consider publishing a small book or booklet to build your list. Giving away some free information that most everyone in your target market needs and wants is a way to promote your name and your e-zine. Give it a catchy title and advertise your e-zine along the bottom of every couple of pages with a big pitch at the end.

6. Promote your e-zine on radio. The fact that you publish an e-zine gives you instant credibility and gets you known as an expert. Radio stations are always looking for people who are interesting and have newsworthy information to communicate to their listeners. Many publicists work on a pay-for-placement basis that can get you into major markets. Don't overlook opportunities to be a guest on Internet radio shows. These are broadcast live on the web and are generally archived. Be prepared with a sheet that includes your contact information, bio and a list of 5-10 questions that you would like to be asked during the interview.

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