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4 Web Sites that Pay for Writing

Advertisers have found that having a blogger write about their product or service is a much more effective way to advertise than posting ads. This has created a new marketing method where advertisers pay for bloggers to write about their product or service. This has also created a new opportunity for you to get paid for writing. This is a list of ten places on the Web that pay you to write.

One of the best things about writing paid reviews on your blogs is that you can set your own hours, work as much or as little as you desire and have a steady flow of income for doing what you love to do anyway.

1. Blogsvertise Advertisers want publicity. You register at this site, then they email assignments to you. You write an entry in your blog about the advertiser. It doesn't need to be an article complimenting the advertiser, it can be critical. After your entry is approved and the payout period has passed, blogsvertise pays you through Paypal.

2. Digital Journal A news site where the news is written by citizen journalists, bloggers, passionate writers, regular Joes and Janes, and professional journalists. They share a portion of their advertising revenue with Citizen Journalists. The more you contribute, the more you earn.

3. eHow is a site that provides how-to articles for do-it-yourselfers. Since 2007 they have paid their members more than $1 million. You don't need to be an expert to write for eHow, all writers are welcome and it's free to join.

Firstregister with eHow and create a user name. Then write a short bio, add an avatar and a couple of other bits of information. Once you're a member, you'll be able to write articles, add comments on articles and interact with other eHow members.

Once you're part of the eHow community, sign up for our Writer Compensation Program and then start writing. Once you're an eHow member and enrolled in their compensation program, all of your articles are automatically eligible for payment.

To publish how-to articles, from your profile page, click on the [Write Now] button. If you don't complete an article in one sitting, you can save it as a draft. Find articles you've saved as drafts by clicking on the [Articles] tab within your profile. When your article is ready for the world to see, you can go ahead and publish it.

Your article's earning potential is based on a combination of several elements, including the amount of times it's been viewed and its category. The more useful your articles are to the reader, the more money you could make. You can increase an article's earning potential by checking eHow's most-requested topics page or by adding photos to your article.

eHow pays through PayPal. If you earn less than $10 in a month, they will carry over that amount and pay you once your earnings exceed $10. If your earning don't reach $10 for the calendar year, at year's end you'll be paid what you earned, minus a a $1 processing fee. However, you’ll never owe money as a result of your participation.

An article in the July 27, 2009 issue of Time magazine says stay-at-home mom Maria O'Brian has written 367 articles for eHow, and earns $1,500 a month.

4. myLot is a social site where you get paid to participate in discussions. you can either start a new discussion, or respond to other peoples discussions. you can discuss anything with the members and earn money for each response.

Mylot earns its revenue from contextual advertising which it shares with its users. Many members complain because their earnings "fluctuate". MyLot uses an earnings algorithm that takes into account, among other things, the quality of your posts. Some members earn less $.01 per response, while others claim to earn $.05 per response.

Other things that influence your earnings are if you add tags to your discussions and by inviting your friends to myLot. MyLot's earnings algorithm is proprietary, but I would guess one factor is the total revenue gathered by mylot. Since they earn their revenue from contextual advertising, I would guess that taking keywords into consideration would be wise.

Mylot pays monthly on the 15th of every month through paypal if you have made the minimum payout of $10. Members earnings fluctuate because from time to time myLot makes adjustments to their earnings algorithm and recalculates earnings. Also be aware that if you don't login to your account at least once over a 90 day period, your earnings are forfeited.

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