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Configuration of Conky System Monitor for Linux

Widgets are support programs to equip KDE or Gnome desktop, well-known by Linux users. They simplify indication process for lots of parameters: from processor loading and core temperature to calendar and weather (OS Windows call these applications gadgets). As a rule, such programs are connected with desktop environment, thus they can demand more dependencies while installing. For those who get used to effective work with computer resources, conky, as a universal system monitor, will rouse some interest. The main peculiarity of this program is the usage of X Window System functionality to display data on the desktop, be it XFCE, IceWM, KDE, or any other.

At first start, conky's appearance may seem constraint, but don't underestimate it at once.

conky system monitor

The official website gives proper documentation which can also be found if you type in console:

$ man conky

In this article, we'll show you the most important configuration parameters. Firstly, copy the configuration file to the home directory:

$ cp /etc/conky/conky.conf ~/.conkyrc

and adjust it to your preferences. It is worth mentioning that there's a division of a configuration file into two parts where the first defines appearance and window position, and the second (under TEXT tag) is responsible for data shown by the system monitor. With the help of first section parameters we can preset the position of a window. Let's take the right upper corner:

alignment top_right

The arrangement is a combination of key words top, bottom, middle, right, left. To render application in its window we use Boolean variable

own_window yes

if we set "no", the window will overlay all objects on the desktop. The transparency command is performed by:

own_window_transparent yes

To update conky gradually, it's necessary to turn on the double buffering and refresh time in seconds. At the same time, we remember that frequent window update requires system resources:

double_buffer yes 
update_interval 2

It is possible to change the color of a font in Xft library not to offend the eye

use_xft yes 
xftfont Georgia:size=12 

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