For Quick Information About System - DOS Systeminfo Command

As a system administrator, the first thing you would like to have when attempting to resolve a system problem is information about the system. The System Information utility collects and displays this information for you.

You can access a graphics version of the System Information utility in Windows 10 by clicking on the Start menu, in the Start menu scroll down to the bottom and expand the Windows Administrative Tools item, then click on the System Information item.

Information from systeminfo command

But a system administrator may need or want to access system information from a command prompt. The DOS command line interpreter is at C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe. To get system information, open a DOS prompt and enter the command shown below:


After a brief period of gathering information, the systeminfo command will provide a huge amount of information about your system:

Computer name
Windows version
System Manufacturer
Processor model amd speed
BIOS manufacturer and version
Boot device
Total physical memory
Virtual memory
Network card manufacturer
Hyper-V requirements status
Plus lots more

Hyper-V allows running virtual systems

Using the DOS systeminfo command is the quickest way to get information about your system.

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