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Video Tutorial 1 - The Windows 7 Backup and Restore Utility

This is a series of tutorials by top.windows.tutorials.com about how to use Windows 7 Backup and Restore Utility. You can access the Backup and Restore Utility by selecting Control Panel | System and Security | Backup and Restore Utility.

To setup a backup, click on the Set up backup link. You'll need to enter your administrator password or click "Continue".

You'll need to choose a backup destination. If you try to backup to your hard drive you'll receive the warning message "this drive is on the same physical disk as your system drive". This is not a good destination for a backup. This tutorial demonstrates how to backup to your hard drive. In a real-life scenario you would use a network location or an external hard drive instead.

Now you need to choose what to backup. By choosing "() Let me choose" you can specify which files to backup. Or you can choose "() Let Windows choose". With the "Let Windows choose" option selected, all the files and folders in your Documents folder and Libraries folders will be backed up.

The Let Windows choose option also includes a system image. A system image can be used to restore the PC in the event of a complete failure of the hard drive.

By default Windows sets the backup to run every Sunday at 7 p.m. If this isn't convenient you can change it to a different day⁄time or even have the backup run more often.

Windows 7 even creates a System repair disc. You can use this disc in place of an operating system recovery disc if your computer manufacturer did not include one.

When the backup is finished your files are now safely backed up.

In Tutorial 2 You'll learn how to recover files from a backup.
In Tutorial 3 You'll learn how to restore your PC from a system image

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