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Video - How to Remove the Bloat from Your PC

Junk and bloatware is eating up your computer's resources and space on your hard drive. This video shows you how to get all the junk and bloatware out of your PC.

• This video show you how to download and use PC Decrapifier to remove the junk, bloatware, and "crap" from your PC.

How to disable the annoying User Account Control.

How to prevent unwanted programs from running at startup.

How to download and install the free AVG Antivirus program.

More Windows Administration Information:
• Script to Display the Processes Running on a Computer
• Make a Shortcut to Create a Restore Point on Windows 10
• How to Share a Printer
• What is Windows Aero and Mouse Gestures?
• Video Tutorial 2 - The Windows 7 Backup and Restore Utility
• A Handful of Useful Run Commands: calc, notepad, wordpad, voice recorder, control
• Retrieving Information from Computers Belonging to an Active Directory OU
• How to Reset Windows 7 Password
• Windows Event Logs for Maintaining or Troubleshooting Your PC
• Video - How to Remove the Bloat from Your PC

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