Free Download Patch My PC Checks for Available Patches

Hackers are continuously probing for flaws in applications that they can exploit to take control of your system or steal your identity. When a software publisher learns that an exploit has been discovered in their product, they don't wait for the next major version of their product to be released to close that vulnerability. Instead they immediately release a small piece of software called a patch to close the hole.

No matter how large a software publisher is and how widespread the use of their products is, hackers will find flaws they can exploit. Even applications such as Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash, Mozilla Firefox, Oracle Java, Apple iTunes, Skype, Chrome, much more have needed to be patched. Even if your computer seems to be working fine, you should always apply the latest patches available for your applications. By not applying a patch you might be leaving your system open to malware.

Patch My PC is a small portable application that checks for the availability of patches for the applications on your system. There are currently 57 applications that Patch My PC will check for available patches, and the list grows with each release of Patch My PC.

Currently Patch My PC is free and can be downloaded from

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