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Installing an Internal Hard Drive

Installing a new hard drive remains one of the most popular upgrade projects for PC users. And it's easy to see why. Today's drives are bigger than ever and bargain priced, and they offer a performance boost, as well. You need that extra space for the increasingly roomy OS installs and gigabyte-eating applications that are the norm these days. And don't forget graphics, audio and video files.

hard drive

Seagate 200GB HD The Barracuda 7200.7 200GB hard disc drive delivers 7,200 RPM access speed and an Ultra ATA-100 interface for high-performance desktop applications.

While the 5400 rpm drives are slightly less expensive than the 7200 rpm models, the latter deliver a genuine performance boost in the form of quicker access times and improved data transfers. Still, if you want the best performance out of your new drive. Your PC must have onboard Ultra DMA/100 support.

hard drive

Seagate 40GB The Seagate 40GB hard drive handles the common uses of today's PCs, such as games, photo and video editing, advanced applications & MP3s.

It's interesting how they always show the inside of hard drives. The disc or platter you see in the picture above is actually sealed in an air tight container. Your hard drive will not come sawed open like this!

Because your new hard drive will be bigger and faster than the one your PC currently uses, plan on making the new drive your primary drive the new home for your operating system and applications. You can attach your old drive as a secondary hard disk and use it for archives and less frequently accessed data.

System and hard drive configurations may vary. These instructions are provided for reference only, please refer to the manufacturer's manual or web site for instructions on their specific drives.

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