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How To Properly Install A New Motherboard

The motherboard is the most expensive computer component so be sure to treat and handle it with great care. There are a few things you should do to ensure no motherboard damage occur as you prepare for the installation.

Be sure you have a clean, well lit, and level work place. Relax your mind and make this task both fun and educational. You will need such tools as a Phillips screwdriver, maybe some needle nose pliers and the manual that came with the board.

Most importantly you must remove any and all electrical static discharge from your body and clothes. Static electricity is a big problem and will quickly damage chips on your new board.

Preparing for the Installation

Preparing to work on your system involves work area, lighting, and much more. One great danger is the chance of electrical static charge. But this will be no problem when this static buildup is properly removes.

Remove this danger by grounding yourself. Touch the metal case of the system unit or better yet, touch a door knob in your work area to remove all electrical static charge.

Set down and carefully read your user's manual and familiarize yourself with your new motherboard and its layout. Taking this time will boost your motherboard installation performance like you never thought.

Study your new motherboard and keep the box it came in. Remove it from its protective wrap very carefully and without damaging the wrap. This is done just in case you need to return the motherboard.

You may need to return the motherboard if you made any mistakes in the purchase. Does the holes of your new motherboard line up with the holes in the case? If there are any reason to return the board, you can simply put it back in the box to return.

Make the installation of your new motherboard fun and prepare well. Go to www.ultimatepcrepair.com and click on the photos page to familiarize yourself with all of the components in the computer. Follow these procedures as a guideline to install your new motherboard.

Removing the Old Motherboard

First Turn on your computer and access your CMOS setup. This is done as the computer counts its memory. Press the combination of keys to access your bios. Once inside your bios, select "Standard CMOS Setup" and write down all information about your computer's drives.

Make sure you get the density of your floppy drives and the type of hard drive you have. Once you have this, turn off and unplug the computer and remove the case.

Second Study your system unit layout and you may want to take notes as your remove components and connections so that it will be easier when it comes to re- installing these components or connections.

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