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Wireless Router Setup

A router is a type of computer programmed primarily for appropriate transfer of information. Routers have unique operating systems such as Juniper Networks JUNOS & JUNOSe, Extreme Networks XOS, or Cisco's IOS. Also included are NVRAM, RAM, flash memory as well as processors and network interfaces.

The wireless router is a networking device without the need for cables. It also functions as a wireless access point. It is usually used for connection to the Internet and other computer network. Routers are operational in wired local area network, wireless only local area network or a combination of wired and wireless local area network.

A wireless network is set-up for sharing access to the internet, files, printers, and other computer functions. Wireless network is also used in offices and homes for convenience. One can have internet access and local network connection anywhere in the office or at home. Installation and configuration are worth the efforts.

The first step in wireless router installation is to choose the right equipment. Equipment should be in accordance with desired set-up. The equipment should be supportive of the three wireless networking technologies. The three wireless networking technologies are 802.11a, 802.11b, and 802.11g.

A broadband Internet connection is preferable. A computer should have built-in networking support or a wireless network adapter. Make sure that a wireless router is available and not a wireless access point. Unplug first the internet modem before connecting the wireless router. The modem should be in direct connection to the Internet. When all of the devices are interconnected, the wireless router would be in communication with the Internet.

Make sure that the proper interconnections are executed. There are variances in the labels of connecting ports depending on the models and manufacturers of the wireless routers. These differences in labeling does not matter, what is important is the functions of the devices connected to the routers.

You can now begin configuring the wireless router. The network cable will serve as a connection between the computer and the wireless router for the meantime. Open the internet browser and begin configuring the router. The instruction module of the router will provide the address and password to be used.

The internet browser shows the configuration page of the wireless router. The user should configure three things unique to the user's network only. First is the wireless network name, otherwise known as the SSID. Next, a network protection is needed. This protection could be in the form of a Wireless encryption (WEP) or Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA). An administrative password, which controls the wireless network, should also be used.

The last step in setting up the wireless router is connecting the computer. The computer should be connected through the wireless network port. It can also be connected by the USB port by wireless network adapter. The on-screen instructions will guide the user in the configuration process.

Among the leading brands of wireless routers with their router address, username and password are the following:

3Com;; admin; admin
D-Link;; admin; password not indicated
Linksys;; admin; admin
Microsoft Broadband;; admin; admin
Netgear;; admin; password

Setting up a wireless router is very easy. Most people prefer wireless routers now because they are able to work with their computers in any part of the house.

For more information on Wireless Router Setup please visit our website.

I recently switched my internet service to Cox Cable. When I plugged in my internet to my wireless router, however, I can't seem to get a signal. The router is a Lynksys WRT54G V5. Is it possible that the router is not compatible with the cable internet?

Answer: I used to have COX and they are real bitchy about routers on their system, I had to buy a Netgear router that does not need permission from cox to work properly. The problem with COX is that they want to get paid for every computer hooked up, Thats why they don't like routers and they have a block on that sort of thing. The Netgear is invisable to them and they wont know its there.

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