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How to Install a New DVD Drive

When you are ready to begin installing your new DVD Drive, have plenty of room on your desk or table to work. Allow enough space to move around and to be able to move the system unit as well.

Check to see if you have ample light. You may want to have a container to place small screws in.The system unit cover may have small screws and you don't want to lose them.

After you have plenty of work space and ample lighting, prepare your mind as well. ake this and every other adventure of working on your computer educational and fun.

Remove the Computer Cover

1. Turn off your computer and unplug all peripherals. Take notice of how you unplug or disconnect any devices.

2. Remove the side panel of the tower system or the cover if you have a desktop. Place the panel in a safe place well out of the way.

3. Before touching anything inside the system unit, remove electrical static charge from your body by touching a door knob or any unpainted metal surface.

4. Remove the new drive from its protective wrapping and take the time to read through the manual. Be sure you have all components and save the box just in case it need to be returned.

5. Check the jumper settings on the drive to be sure it is set to master.If you are adding this drive as a second drive,you will have to set one as master and one as the slave drive.

Your manual should make this procedure quick and fast. A small pair of tweezers can be used to remove the small jumper to the correct position.Most drives are set to master by default.

Slide New Drive into Computer

6. Locate the drive bay for the cdrom drive.In most cases,its at the top of the case.If you are removing another drive,slide it out partially, disconnect cables, and slide the drive out completely.Take note of the location of all connections.

If you are installing a new drive the first time,use a small screwdriver to pop off the 5.25 inch drive bay cover and bezel on the system unit case.

7. Slide the new drive in partially and connect the data,sound,and power cables to the rear of the drive.Slide the drive in completely and use small screws to secure the drive to the case.

In some cases, the drive is secured to the case with the use of Drive rails. These rails should be mounted on the old drive if you had to remove one. Check the drive's manual if your new drive came with side rails.

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