FREE Ebook - How to Configure and Maintain Your PC

FREE Ebook - How to Configure and Maintain Your PC

Microsoft Windows is a very complicated operating system. Unfortunately, over the years, Windows upgrades have consisted of little more than added unnecessary trivia (like the search puppy) and complexity (like the registry).

When you first install Windows, it is NOT configured for optimal performance. Instead it s configured to display all the unnecessary bells and whistles that hog your computers processor and memory causing your system to run slow.

This ebook shows you how to take control of your computer and configure it the way it should be, for optimal performance. Then this ebook show you how to perform critical computer maintenance such as backing up, defragmenting the hard disk, setting up anti-virus, anti-spyware, and firewall protection systems.

Learn how to configure:

Start Menu
Folder Options
Desktop Shortcuts
Quick Launch Toolbar
Disable Cutesy Effects
Diable AutoPlay
Plus much more

Learn maintainence procedures:

Backup Windows XP Home Edition
Create an Emergency Repair Disk
Defragment Your Hard Disk
FREE Antivirus Software
FREE Antispyware Software
Free Firewall
Plus much more

Then, because the longer Windows runs, the more corrupt and degraded it becomes, this ebook shows you how to perform the inevitable task of reloading Windows.

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