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How to Make a Free Website on Webs.com

Make a free website on webs.com

If you want to make a free website for yourself, then you can go to webs.com. In webs you can do almost anything you want for free and the only thing you really can't to for free is have a domain name. You can even get a 30 day free trial for a domain.

Create an account on webs.com

1. Go to webs.com and create an account. Once there, sign up on the right side of the page. Enter your email address, create a password, and select the type of site you want: business, group/organization, or personal. Then click "Get Started."

Set up an account on webs.com

2. The registration continues on the next page. Type in the password again. Then come up with a site address for your website. Lastly, pick a title for your website.

Select a template

3. Select a template. There are a variety of templates for you to pick for your website. If you like a particular design but prefer a different color, click on it and roll over the color icons below to view the choices.

Choose pages for your site

4. Choose pages for your site. A Homepage is a must, so it is checked for you already. You can add and delete pages at any time. The recommended pages shown there are: photos, members, news, contact, videos, forum, blog, and a calendar.

Click on Create My Website Button

5. Finally, click "Create My Website." Once you have read the Terms of Service and checked the box indicating that you have, you are ready to launch your very own website! Be up-to-date with your site to keep others interested and coming back, and tell your friends and family to check it out.

Article source: wikiHow is a group effort to create a great resource: the world's largest free how to manual. wikiHow articles help people solve their everyday problems. wikiHow licenses all content under a Creative Commons License. The license allows wikiHow content to be used freely for noncommercial purposes. The Creative Commons License also allows for the creation of derivative works.

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