Where To Find Free Stock Photography, Clip Art, And Other Graphics For Your Web Site by Kevin Savetz


The name "MorgueFile" refers to a popular newspaper business term that describes a file that holds past issues flats. Here you can have access to a sizeable database of downloadable images, without the need to even register. Pictures are grouped into several categories. Just click on what you want, and thumbnails of the selections pop up for easy browsing.

You can even give a little something back by submitting your own pictures, although you will have to register for that. Chat rooms and forums provide a community of people to ask if you need some advice. An online store of books, computers, and cameras round out the package. A highly recommended site for bloggers and web designers alike.

Webweaver's Free Clipart

Clip arts are tiny illustrations that can help to get your message across. With these little pictures, a website can look alive and full of activity, catching the attention of anyone who just happens to be passing by. For web designing newbies, Webweaver's Free Clipart is a good place to start browsing for these webpage ornaments. Just like the MorgueFile, images from this site can be used for free, with no copyright or usage rights to worry about.

The clip arts are in sets of well planned categories, and finding the images you want is easy. There are Christmas and New Year clip arts, as well as most other major holidays. Cliparts for entertainment, animals and nature are also available, though the size of their selections can be inadequate. Good thing they accept submissions, too. Though some of the clip art seems outdated, there's enough here to justify a visit.

Adsen FavIcon

See that little icon on the address bar on top of the webpage? That's a Favicon, and if you ever wondered how you can change that into something that's more to your liking, then Adsen FavIcon is the program for you. It is a simple editor that can convert a GIF, JPEG, or PNG into a favicon.ico file. When done the image shows up on IE's favorites list. It works with other browsers as well, such as Firefox and Opera.

Daily Clip Art

Every day, Daily Clip Art adds one or two new pieces of clip art. It doesn't sound like much, but over a period of months they've built up an impressive library of colorful and fun clip art on a wide variety of topics. The images there include animal clip art, music clip art, sports clip art, and much more. Every image is available for free use. Or, you can pay $4 for a hi-resolution version of any image.

Making sure that everything corresponds to a central idea goes a long way to establishing a website's professional feel. To do that, you need just the right images and design to make everything feel whole. Free image archives and simple image editors can certainly help you make everything look just right.

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