Seven Steps to Making Money Online With Only a Few Articles by Satrap D

I always say making money online doesn't have to be complicated. Usually the simple methods that we over look everyday, are the ones that can help you make money online. And many times, all it takes to make money online, is taking action. Doing something. Putting an online money making method that you have red about on a blog or an online forum, to use.

Many of us keep searching for ways to make money online, we read and learn different methods, but we never really put any of them into action. That's why we never make any money. If you really want to make money on the internet, here is a simple method that you can use to make money without any experience or much financial investment. I will break it down to an easy step be step guide to make it really simple. Just follow the steps and you will make money.

Keep in mind that you might not make a lot of money with this method, but nonetheless, it will be a good start. It will give you the confidence to keep pushing through. Of course, as I always say, if you made $5 from a method, you can always scale it up and make $10, $100, $1000.

Get a PayPal account

Get a free PayPal account if you don't already have one. This will help you get paid faster, and pay others faster and more securely, if you decide to outsource some of the tasks necessary for this method.

Pick a topic⁄niche

Choose a hot topic. Anything from weight loss and diets to skin care, blogging and making money online. This will be the subjects of your articles. It's best to pick topics you are interested in. But, its not required. As long as you choose topics that are hot and on demand, you will be fine.

Write or have someone write ten articles you

Lets say you chose "online money making" to be the subject of your articles. Now, either spend some time and do some research and write ten truly quality and informative articles, or use online forums such as WarriorForum and DigitalPoint forum or freelancing sites like Elance to find a ghost writer, and ask him or her to write ten articles on the subject of "making money online". There are many good ghost writers who charge around $5 per article. No matter which way you go, make sure your articles are unique, informative and high quality.

Sign up for sites like associated content

AssociatedContent is one of the best sites where you can get paid for submitting your articles. There are many other sites like AC as well. Some of the best include, Helium, eHow and Bukisa. Submit all ten articles to these sites.

Sign up for few article directories

Find at least five top article directories where you can submit your article to. Some of the best article directories include EzineArticles and ArticleDashboard. Simply search for "top article directories" on your favorite search engine, and you will find some good ones. Again submit all your ten articles to these sites.

Find residual affiliate programs

Residual affiliate programs are merchants that offer lifetime commission to its affiliate. Unlike normal merchants with affiliate programs, who pay their affiliates only a one time commission each time someone buys something through their links, merchants with residual affiliate program, give you commission for life. Every time that person who you sent to them once, buys something from them, you get a commission. You can use residual affiliate services like LifeTimeCommissions to find merchants with products related to the subject of your articles. Sign up with those merchants to become their affiliate.

Sign up for a few free web 2.0 sites

Sign up with web 2.0 sites like Squidoo, Hubpages and others. You will use your articles to create a Squidoo page or a hub or what have you. But, you will also include links to the residual affiliate program you signed up with. You need web 2.0 sites, so you can use them to place your affiliate links, because article sites like ezine, Ac and other don't allow affiliate links. So, you will use the "author bio" section of your articles to link to your hub page or Squiddo page, where you have your affiliate links placed, so hopefully people will click on your affiliate links and buy a product.


Since you will be submitting your articles to a few different sites, be sure when you sign up for article directories and other sites, to use the same user name, so you wont be accused of stealing other people's articles and submitting them as your own.

That's it! You will be making money in two ways:

1. You will make money from the articles you submitted to sites like associated content. Some sites pay per article, and others pay based on the performance and the number of views you get on each article. Either way its easy money.

2. You will also make money as an affiliate marketer with the help of those articles you submitted to article directories and other sites. People find your articles on article directories, they click on your link in your bio section and arrive at your web 2.0 page, where they click on your affiliate links and arrive at merchant's site, where they will hopefully buy the product, which will make you a commission.

That's basically what you are aiming for. Of course, not every time someone find your articles will click on your link, or not every time someone clicks on your affiliate links, will end up buying the product. But, what you have to lose beside a few hours of time and maybe $50 (if you don't write the articles yourself) and singing up for a few sites and submitting your articles to them.

The best part about it is, that you only have to do this once, once you submit your articles to those sites, your articles will be there forever. And since you are an affiliate of a merchant with residual affiliate program, you will receive a commission every time someone buys a product from that merchant, for the rest of your life.

Of course, you can always repeat this process and increase your chance of making more money. You can write article on other topics. Its simply a matter of repeating what you have done over and over again with different subjects. If you want to make money online, and I mean real money, it can't get any simpler than that, making money with articles.

Satrap is a part time blogger and internet marketer. He writes at BlogStash which he founded in 2009, where he shares his knowledge about ways to earn extra money online. Visit BlogStash to learn real good ways to make money online.

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