How to Make Sales After the Craft Show by Natalie Goyette

There are a number of ways that you can do this - from setting up a website to setting up a weekly garage sale during the summer. We'll take a look at four ways you can continue making a profit when the doors of another craft show close for the weekend.

1. Set up a website - Studies have shown that more people are becoming comfortable and actually prefer to do their business online. Essentially you could have a craft show that goes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Taking the time to set up a website that showcases your crafts and also provides people an avenue to purchase the crafts can be a huge seller for you in the long run.

2. Have an e-mail list - What is the next best thing to having a website? Why not set up an e-mail list top contact people that are interested in your crafts? These could be people that were at a craft show where your products were displayed, and they took a liking to them and wanted to be informed when new and different crafts would be available. You can even take it one step further and inform them of where you are going to be for your next craft show, what new products you have, and other interesting news. All you need to do is set up a sign up list in your booth at any craft show.

3. Sales list - You will all likely have it happen at one point or another - someone sees something of yours on display at a craft show, and you are all out of that craft. What do you do? This person really wants your craft, and you don't have one. This is where a sales list comes in very handy. You can write down the names and addresses of people that want one of your crafts. Essentially, you have the beginnings of an ordering system on your hands. Soon, your order list becomes a funnel of after-craft show sales that you had never even thought of!

4. A weekly sale - Who needs a craft show to be set up for them, when they can set up a mini-craft show themselves? Many crafters will spend one weekend day a month in the comfort of their own garage - displaying and selling the crafts they have put together. You don't have to pay for the craft show fee, because you are on your own property and the only thing you might have to splurge for is a pot of coffee and some fresh donuts for potential customers! This is a great time to work on your sales list and e-mail list too!

The craft show profits don't have to end when the craft show is done for another weekend. The enterprising crafter will always find a way to market and sell their craft as much as possible - generating more income for their business!

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