Making Money With a Home Crafts Business by Julia Derby

Thinking of starting a home crafts business? Handmade crafts have grown in popularity because people want something different and special. Here are some great tips and ideas about turning your hobby, creativity or interest into a profitable home based business.

What home crafts are popular?

How do you know if your craft is popular and will sell? Do some research and find out. What are the best selling crafts on websites that sell handmade crafts? Visit local craft stores and find out which crafts are in demand. Go to local craft fairs and investigate which craft displays are generating the most interest. Our research has shown that homemade candles are one of the most popular home crafts business. Consider that almost 80 percent of US households use candles and they are consumable products that customers keep buying and you can see that there is a definite demand for this craft. Making candles is simple and fun and there are limitless ideas for making your candles special. Homemade greeting cards are another growth industry with 7 billion greeting cards sold each year in the US alone. People are looking for something different when selecting a greeting card and handmade greeting cards are both special and unique.

Homemade soap is another profitable home crafts business. It is simple and inexpensive to make handmade soaps and you can have fun creating beautiful soaps. The demand for handmade soap is growing all the time as people become more aware of the advantages of natural, chemical-free products. A home based gift basket business has great potential. This is one of the fastest growing businesses of the decade. Making and selling gift baskets is a good way of earning income at home.

How do I price my homemade crafts?

This is one of the most important aspects of a successful home crafts business. It is essential to get the pricing right so that you are neither undercharging or making your craft unaffordable. It is vital that you carefully research what similar products are selling for. Go to local stores that stock these crafts and check the prices. Visit craft fairs and farmers markets and see how your craft is priced. Go online and investigate the prices for similar crafts. Make sure you take your costs and overheads into consideration when setting your prices. You need to have a reasonable profit margin in order to make money.

How do I market and sell my homemade crafts?

Craft fairs are a good place to start selling your product. Find out which are the most popular local craft fairs and farmers markets and rent a booth to sell your crafts. Visit local gift stores and ask to sell your product on consignment through the store. Host a home party where guests can buy your crafts. Team up with friends who have a different home crafts business and set up a home party together. Market your homemade product to gift basket companies or make your own gift baskets using your products. Put together some promotional material and visit local businesses who can use your craft for client gifts. There are so many ways to market your crafts and with energy and determination you can have a successful home crafts business.

Enjoy using your creativity and imagination while making money from home.

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