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How to Create Your Own Unique Painted Wine Glasses

Here is a simple, easy to follow guide onto how to create your own unique painted wine glasses:

You will need;

Clear wine glasses
Glass paints
Fine paint brushes
Pen and paper
Masking tape
Q tips
Rubbing Alcohol

The first step you need to take to get your project going is to locate all the things you will need. Many of the supplies are things you are likely to have lurking around the house. You will need to find; some fine paint brushes which are going to be used to paint the design, pen and paper which will be used to make a handmade stencil, masking tape which will be used to attach the stencil, Q-tips and alcohol which can be used to correct any mistakes, and an oven to bake your glasses to make them washable.

Lolita Sangria Wine Glass

Clear wine glasses are something that you may have to purchase, but don't worry they can be found incredibly easily. Most supermarkets or department stores now sell boxes of cheap "value" brand wine glasses, which are ideal for your first few practices. When you get more skilled you may want to look for more stylish and interesting glasses, stores such as IKEA and WALMART sell a large variety of individual wine glasses in different shapes and sizes still at very reasonable prices.

You will also need a selection of glass paints, craft stores and online craft suppliers are likely to stock a large variety of glass paints, when browsing them be sure to buy ones that can be oven baked. This will allow you to set your finished wine glass so that it can be used and washed.

Once you have assembled all the supplies you need to start thinking of a suitable design. In these early stages it is important to remember that glass painting is a skill which can take some time to master, so you may want to experiment with some simple designs first such as stars, flowers and butterflies, remember you can always add some freehand dots and swirls to your glass later to make it look ornate.

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