Here are four ways you can mix the crafts in your craft show booth and add a little variety to your business: 1. Open a seasonal booth -
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Mixing Crafts at a Craft Show

Here are four ways you can mix the crafts in your craft show booth and add a little variety to your business:

1. Open a seasonal booth - People spend millions every year on seasonal items. If you can provide a stocking cap for the winter, or Halloween or Christmas items, then you are going to find real success. If you enjoy making festive items, the sky is the limit - you can make items for the 4th of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Mother's Day - whatever you want!

The beauty of being seasonal is that you aren't bound by the same cookie cutter sort of crafts that some crafters make for their booths. Your creativity and your supplies are the only things holding you back. If you come up with an idea that is craft-related, then you can take it and run with it.

2. Mix similar items together - You can have a variety of different sized crafts, or they can be different colors, or maybe there are slight design differences in each of the crafts. All in all, you are adding a little variety to your craft show booth, but still sticking with the general idea of your crafts.

3. Mix items that work together - If you have crocheted a hat, maybe you would also include scarves and mittens in your craft show booth as well. That's the idea of making crafts that will work together. Like hand towels and a wooden towel rack, or reusable grocery bags and then a bag holder - you can come up with so many different ideas of crafts that work together. Put them together in a craft show booth and you might have a recipe for multiple sales!

4. Open a theme booth - How about "Crafts for Kids," or, "Kitchen Crafts" - this is another way you can add a little bit a variety to your craft show booth. Once you decide to open a theme booth, you can just about create any craft you want that is going to fit into the booth's new theme.

You don't always have to make the same crafts for the craft shows you attend. For many crafters, that might get a little monotonous and take some of the fun out of making and selling your crafts for a profit. Having the opportunity to challenge yourself creatively might just be the spark you need to help boost the sales in your craft show booth.

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