Best Selling Etsy Items by Alison Wood

With around 4 million items currently for sale on Etsy, finding the best selling items can be a bit of a challenge. Over 250,000 shops here sell handmade, vintage and supply items that lovers of these types of products eagerly buy each day. Etsy has become one of the top places to go for unique, hand crafted or vintage items on the web.

The top selling shops on Etsy sell mostly small items that are under $50. This could be because customers have been cutting back on spending over the past few years, and also because more and more people are buying supplies from sites like this in order to make their own crafts at home. Some of the top selling shops that make hundreds of thousands of sales are shops that sell jewelry making supplies like beads, stones, pendants and posts.

More and more, Etsy is becoming the place to go for crafting supplies. Jewelry findings, textiles, paper products, patterns, tools and more make up the Supplies section of the site. Customers use these supplies to craft projects like knitting, scrapbooking, making home d├ęcor, and making jewelry. With prices for supplies ranging from a few cents to less than $50, these products remain big sellers.

Another top selling item is bath products. Handcrafted soaps, lotions, body sprays and other toiletries are big sellers on Etsy as people move towards wanting unique, personalized and organic products. Most of the soaps and other bath products sold on Etsy are made in small batches to guarantee quality and personalization.

Artwork such as paintings, cards, stationery illustrations and prints also sell well. These items could be priced at a higher price point that the $50 and under mark that seems to do so well, but customers are willing to make for unique art pieces that they can't get anywhere else. Some shops that sell illustrations and prints will do custom orders as well, increasing the likelihood that a customer looking for something original and handmade will buy, because the piece will be made specifically for them.

Etsy is also a marketplace for vintage sellers. Vintage items that sell particularly well include collectibles, vintage jewelry and vintage art prints. Some vintage shops that do well also make products out of vintage and found items, combining vintage and handcrafted to appeal to a broader audience.

While it doesn't display it's best sellers or top selling items, the home page is where customers can find Etsy Handpicked Items. The handpicked items come from lists compiled by members and sometimes include hot items on Etsy, or hidden gems that customers may not find on their own. Using the home page, blogs and search field are good ways to find top items and items that are popular at any given time. There is also a Trending Tags sidebar on the homepage that will show you what search terms are popping up as the most search or most desired product types each day.

For a great way to promote your Etsy store, head over to the Art of Crafts. Filled with a world of crafting talent, this site has something every crafter will enjoy and is an ideal way to build traffic for your handmade business.

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