Craft Kits for Kids - Your Path to Profit by Darren Krause

It's a rainy day and the kids are terrorizing the house, looking for something to do. Why not a craft? Parents are constantly on the lookout for ways to make sure their children are entertained, and a craft kit is just the way to do it. Finding a good and affordable craft kit is where you come in.

Craft kits are a great idea for craft shows, and the time and overhead used to put one together (or a hundred) is minimal. If you can draw on your own sense of kid-like imagination and creativity, you can easily come up with something that works for kids of all ages.

Selling the craft kits at a craft show doesn't take much, but you need to have a few eye-catching items inside to grab the kids' attention. Once they latch into the fact they can do crafts and make them look really cool and interesting, parents will often succumb to the persistence and persuasiveness of their eager children. Plus, parent might just buy into the idea that a craft kit is a great way for kids to spend some time using their imagination.

Here are a few things you should have in the craft kit:

Glitter pens
Construction paper (blunt scissors)
Pipe cleaners
Glue stick
Cut out patterns
Basic crayons (red, green, blue)
Things like glue-on eyes, lip stickers, fake hair for furs, hair, or moustaches and beards

The sky really is the limit. The creativity of a child is really only limited by what you are putting in the craft kits to sell at the craft shows. If you include it in the craft kits, chances are it will get used. But, the more zany, interesting and enjoyable it is to work with, the greater the chance the kids are going to be tugging at mom's jacket begging her for the craft kit.

Another element of selling your craft kits is to put together a few crafts of your own that demonstrate some of the things kids can make with your craft kit. Some kids can't picture certain things when they are in a basic form, but if you show them a pipe cleaner with hair, eyes, and a cut out electric guitar, they might be a little more amused.

The great thing about putting together the craft kits for your craft shows is that most of the items in the kit you can buy in bulk from your craft store or even a dollar store. If you buy 1,000 stickers for $1, you can spread that around 10 craft show kits. Beads and pipe cleaners are inexpensive, as are cut out patterns and reams of construction paper.

Package it all up, and I think you have yourself a winner on the craft show circuit.

Kids need something to do, and why not put together something that might breed crafters and therefore craft show enthusiasts for the future! Craft kits are a great way to do it, and you might just have yourself a craft show winner!

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