Where to Sell Your Arts and Crafts Online

Selling your homemade arts and crafts online can be a way to make extra money. You may not be able to make a full-time living at it, but you certainly can make some extra spending money. Online art and craft sellers report that on one site they can't make a single sale, while on another site they make a regular income. So if you try one site and don't make a sale, don't give up, try one or two other places.

Bonanza is an online marketplace for arts and crafts etc. You can list items for free, but there is a transaction fee of 3.5% with a minimum of $0.50.

CafePress is where you can sell your art, custom t-shirts, personlized mugs, and other unique products. In addition to listing your own item, you can set up an online shop, or you can join the CafePress affiliate program.

eBay is an online auction where you can sell your arts and crafts, and a broad variety of goods and services. eBay has many high and complicated fees. There is an insertion fee of $0.50 - $2.00 per listing. When the highest bidder purchases your item there is an additional fee of 9% of the total amount of the sale. eBay is often referred to as "feeBay". However there is a small group of people who actually make a living on eBay.

eCrater is a free online marketplace where sellers get a free customizable online store and can list an unlimited number of items which are shown both in their own store and in eCrater's marketplace. There are no fees for standard features (there are fees to be listed on the front page or to have your URL changed).

Etsy is where you can sell your arts and crafts. It costs $0.20 to list an item for 4 months, or until it sells. Once you sell your item they collect a 3.5% fee on the sale price. To become a seller on Etsy, you need to provide a valid credit card for verification purposes.

zazzle is where you can design custom posters, greeting cards, t-shirts, mugs, and many other products. It's free to create an online store on Zazzle to sell the products you design. Zazzle charges you a base-rate price for things like posters, greeting cards, t-shirts, etc. You use Zazzle's online tools to create your design, then set your price. There are no listing or sale fees.

If you know of any other sites that let you sell arts and crafts online, please contact me using the Contact page on this website. Also let me know if one of these listed sites is no longer in business.

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