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Ten Things You Should Know Before Starting a Craft Business

It is important that you don't go into the craft business for the wrong reasons. If you are hoping to make a quick buck, then you've chosen the wrong industry! It usually takes months to see a return on your investment and years to start to see major profits from your hand made craft (if you ever do see major profits).

Crafters do this because it is their passion, not because they expect to make a lot of money from selling their products. That's not to say that there isn't money to be made - it just takes a lot of time and perseverance on your part.

You Need to Start Small

When starting your new craft business, you should try to borrow very little or no money at all from lending institutions. Having to meet monthly loan payments can under tons of financial stress to your new business. Try to rely on your own savings for purchasing initial supplies and then try selling your products at local shows and to family and friends so you do not have huge operating costs right off the bat.

You Have to Do Your Research

To have a successful craft business you need to be prepared and take the time to research your product and your market. You have to know what kinds of crafts you are going to produce and what supplies you'll need. Because this is a business, you need to try and keep costs low and you want to spend as little as possible on your craft supplies. You might have to shop around a bit before you find the cheapest supplies.

Next you need to figure out your market. What kinds of crafts are popular right now? Who is buying there? Where are they buying them? It is important to figure out who makes up your target market and what the best way to connect with them is.

You Have to Find Your Niche

Making a splash in the crafting industry usually means setting yourself a part with a really unique craft that still has wide appeal. As a hobby turned business crafter, you face more competition now than ever before. Having a really original and unique product will put you ahead of the pack.

You Will Have to Market and Sell Your Product Yourself

It may sound obvious, but many excellent crafters aren't the best sales people. Remember that when you start out, you are most likely going to be selling your craft yourself at local shows. You have to make sure that you are comfortable talking to people about your craft and make those much needed sales.

You'll need a Strong Support System

When you first start out, you'll really need to rely on your family and friends. They will probably be your first customers and an excellent way of spreading word about your new project. When you start showing your products at local craft shows they will also be able to help with manning your booth and with setting up and tearing down your display.

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