Ideas for an Interactive Craft Show Booth by Natalie Goyette

One of the ways you can attract new customers and cater to the old customers at craft shows is to make a few alterations to your craft show booth. I think adding a few interactive displays might be one of the tickets to adding a little 'WOW' to your booth, and possibly enticing buyers to fork over a few dollars for your craft show item.

Here are a few ideas for making your craft show booth a little more interactive:

Rolling PowerPoint presentation - You may have already been into a few booths that have this sort of interactive display. This is work by having a computer inside the booth with a PowerPoint slide show that shows customers a few interesting things about your products. It might include the construction of the craft show item, alternatives to your craft, where they might be able to find supplies... etc. You can make this as creative and appealing as possible to attract a variety of new clients.

Have a television inside the booth - Not to show the latest reality show, news broadcast or soap opera - it will be to show a video or DVD related to your craft show item. You might have a knitting video on in the booth full of knitting items and supplies. Sometimes showing the actual crafting in progress gives people the inspiration to purchase items related to that craft.

Expert help - There is a good chance that you will need to have someone at the till, to accept payment for the craft show items. But, I think it is a good idea to have at least one more person (maybe two for a busy booth) who can answer the questions of consumers. Nothing beats having a hands-on person to be able to provide information and assistance in regards to the craft you are selling. People like to have a little personal service every once in a while.

Pamphlets, brochures and other reading material - Set up a rack or two inside the craft show booth that explains a few of your crafts and how they were made, supplies needed, and other interesting material. This qualifies as interactive, and as an added value for the customer.

Attracting people to the booth is one thing, but helping to make the sale is another. By adding more interaction inside the craft show booth, you increase the chance someone in the booth will be pleased with the added effort, and they will be more willing to hand over their hard earned cash for your craft.

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