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Ten Ways to Advertise your Arts / Crafts Business

1. Create a Website

This will act as a Portfolio and lists all the items you created and want to sell. Make it detailed and list the pricing information for those interested in purchasing. You can even add a shopping cart and get fancy with features you'd like to present to your audience like an "about" page for example. Add shipping information, and a section for those who would like to buy in bulk like wholesalers or buyers. If you do not know the first thing about how to create a website, there are a lot of ways you could get someone to make one for you or find online companies that give a package for your site including hosting, domain name and so forth.

Pro: Will always be referenced. Easy place to find your art/crafts. Easy place for others to shop for your art⁄crafts and you to make money.

Con: Time taken to make one, mechanism for advertising required unless it's included in the package.

2. Make a Catalog

Create your own using software or get assistance from the US Postal Service. You can then have this catalog get mailed all over your area. The USPS website has a lot of good information and helpful tools with prices on how you can get this started.

Pro: Will get to people's hands. Forced way to get customers.

Con: Can become costly.

3. Create Business Cards

You may not know it, but this is the one tool that has stayed with people for very long periods of time. Ever look in your wallet credit card section? Notice your business cards you've picked up and kept with you. Well, the very same way you can stick to people with this approach. Pass these or stick these around anywhere you see fit. Parties, Shows, Friends, Family, School, Bulletins, Shows⁄Exhibits, and Stores. You can make them yourself by using Microsoft Word and picking up a set of blank sheets to print at your local office supply store; eg. Staples, Office Max, Office Depot.

Pro:: Fast, Cheap to get customers.

Con: Creating them takes a little time.

4. Create Your Own Ebay Store

Do you have a few items? Want to try it out and see who's interested? eBay is the largest and most traffic driven site people go to find stuff. I mean, you can find anything in there. If you don't have the time to create a website or find other ways to advertise and are willing to pay a percentage for each of your items that does sell, then eBay is a place to start. Then when you find people buying and business starts looking good, you can open an eBay store or direct them to your website.

Pro: Can list items and bring lots of traffic to your site.

Con: Percent deducted on each sale you make.

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