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Website Design Process Client Meeting Checklist

Meeting the clients and learning how they run their business is the first step in creating an effective design. But before your first meeting with a client, spend some time researching their business and their industry. The first meeting with a client should be conducted in person, sometimes the distance makes a video conference (Skype) preferable but, but if possible the first meeting should be person-to-person. Here are questions to ask in the initial client meeting:

[] What does your company do?

[] What is (the individual you are meting with) role in the company?

[] What is your goal in developing a website?

[] Does your company have an existing logo or brand?

[] Who is your target audience?

[] Do the members of your target audience share nay common demographics (age, sex, physical location)?

[] Who are your competitors?

[] Do your competitors have websites?

[] Do you have examples of websites that you like or dislike?

[] What is the timeline for the project?

[] What is the budget for the project?

If the project is to redesign an existing website, ask:

[] What are your visitors looking for when they come to your site?

[] What are the problems with your existing website?

[] What do you want to achieve with a redesign?

[] Are their any elements of the current website that you want to keep?

[] How do you think your visitors will react to a new website design?

The answers to these questions may raise more questions not on this list.

The above book was used as a reference for this article.

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