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AMD Sempron Processor

The Sempron replaced the Duron as AMD's budget processor. It comes in two socket types, socket A (socket 462) which is the same type used by Duron and Athlon XP, and socket 754, the same type used by some Athlon 64 processors.

The socket A Sempron (also called the K7 Sempron) is basically an Athlon XP with half the cache, but still twice as much cache as the Duron had. The socket A Sempron runs at 333MHz bus speed and has a 128KB Level 1 cache and a 256KB Level 2 cache.

AMD Sempron socket A Top AMD Sempron socket A Bottom

The socket 754 Sempron (also called the K8 Sempron) is a cut down version of the Athlon 64 processor with the Level 2 cache from 512KB to 256KB (the same as the socket A Sempron). It has a 128KB L1 cache. Early socket 754 Semprons lacked support for 64bit operating systems.

AMD Sempron socket 754 Top AMD Sempron socket 754 Bottom

The Sempron uses a 130 nanometer manufacturing process. Heat Dissipation is 62W Max. Front Side Bus (FSB) speeds are 333 MHz for the Socket A models and 1600 MHz for the Socket 754 model.

AMD Sempron Processor Models

Designation Frequency Socket
2200+1.5 GHzA
2300+1.583 GHzA
2400+1.667 GHzA
2500+1.750 GHzA
2600+1.833 GHzA
2800+2.0 GHzA
3100+1.8 GHz754

The Socket 754 Sempron features AMD's HyperTransport technology. HyperTransport is a connection method that transfers data faster. On a motherboard, the HyperTransport bus connects the PCI slots, AGP slots and USB ports to the CPU and memory and also provides a connection between the CPU and memory.

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