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Monolithic Kernel vs Microkernel vs Hybrid Kernel
Basic Computer Architecture
Network on a Chip (NoC)
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ARM Cortex-A72 Registers
Learn Assembly Language Programming on Raspberry Pi 400
Digital Logic Semiconductor Families
Oscilloscope Required for Serious Digital Electronics Work
Fundamental Digital Logic Gates
The Evolution of Hard Disk Bit Recording
Electronic Circuits Basics
Online Color Coded Resistor Calculator
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Data Structures - Linked List, Stack, Queue, and Tree
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Pi-Top kit - Build Your Own Laptop
Processor Interrupts
Difference between Stack, Heap, and Queue
Digital Logic Transfer Characteristics
Capacitors in DC Circuits
Inductors in DC Circuits
Capacitors in AC Circuits
Basic Electronics for Computer Architecture
Electronic Circuits
Factors in Choosing an Oscilloscope
Digital Logic Levels and Transfer Characteristics
Introduction to Boolean Algebra
How Computer Chips are Made
CPU Chip Packaging
The Many Processes of Silicon Wafer Manufacturing
The Use of SOI (Silicone on Insulator) Wafers in MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems) Production
Integrated Circuit Design Flow
Intoduction to Digital Electronics
Binary Number Representation and Binary Math
Basic Decoder Circuitry
Basic Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU) Circuitry
Binary Floating-Point Numbers
Basic Computer Architecture
Stored Program Architecture
Program Flow Charting
Microprocessor Counter, Clock, Timer Circuits
The Fetch, Decode, Execute Cycle
Microprocessor Registers
How Computer Memory Works
Virtual Memory and Memory Paging
Computer Video Display
Interrupt Request Lines (IRQs)
Direct Memory Access (DMA)
Computer Buses
CPU Cache Basics
Introduction to Microprocessor Programming
The Motherboard Chipset
The Computer's Chipset
Introduction to the Raspberry Pi
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Arduino Microcontroller Development Platform
AMD's Microarchitectures
AMD's Phenom II Processor
AMD's Phenom Processor
AMD's Phenom Processor
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AMD Athlon 64 Processor
The AMD Athlon 64 X2 Processor
Intel's Sandy Bridge Micro-Architecture
Pentium P5 Processor
Intel Celeron D Processor
Intel's Core 2 processors
Intel's Dual-Core Core i3 Processor
Intel's Core i7 Processors
Windows Operating System Services, Functions, Routines, Processes, Threads, and Jobs
Simplified Windows Architecture Overview