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Connecting Linux to the Internet

Today, a computer without Internet access would be severely limited. Mozilla running on Linux provides more reliable and secure Internet access than Internet Explorer running on Microsoft Windows.

To connect Linux to the Internet, you'll need to set up a Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) connection to your Internet Service Provider (ISP). Have the following information about your ISP account available before you begin.

Dial-in Phone Number
User Name
Domain Name Server (DNS) address

To create an Internet connection, login with the root account. Click on the footprint on the task bar to open the main menu, then select Programs | Internet | Dialup Configuration Tool. The Add New Internet Connection utility window opens. Click on the Next button.

1. The Add New Internet Connection utility will search for configured modems. It will then display a list of modems found. Click on the Next button.

2. The Phone number and name page will appear. Enter a name for the Internet connection and your ISPs dial-in phone number. Click on the Next button.

3. The User name and password page will appear. Enter the user nane and password provided by your ISP. Click on the Next button.

4. The Other Options page will appear. In the Account List click on Normal ISP. Then click on the Next button.

5. The Create the account page will appear. Click on the Finish button, then click on the Close button.

To configure the PPP connection, log in with the root account. Click on the footprint on the task bar to open the main menu, then select Programs | System | Linuxconf. A welcome window appears informing you that you have just installed Linuxconf. Click on the Quit button to close the window.

1. In the Linuxconf window left panel, expand the Networking - Client tasks branch and click on Name server specification. In the right panel, enter the DNS address provided by your ISP. If you were provided with a secondary DNS, enter that too. Then click on the Accept button.

2. Click on the "x" in the upper right corner of the Linuxconf window to close the window. The Status of the system tab will appear. Click on the Activate the changes button.

You can now login as any user and use the Red Hat PPP Dialer to connect to the Internet.

1. Click on the footprint button on the task bar to open the main menu. Then select Programs | Internet | RH PPP Dialer. The Choose dialog box appears, listing all the configured network interfaces.

2. Click on the PPP connection that you set up, then click on the OK button. The Change connection status dialog box appears. Click on the Yes button. Your modem will dial your ISP.

3. When your system has logged into your ISP, the connection window will appear. You can then use your Web browser.

4. When you are finished using your Web browser, you can close the Internet connection by clicking on the button with the dot in the connection window.

That's all there is to connecting Linux to the Internet. Now you can have more reliable and secure Internet access with Linux.

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