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New toner cartridges can cost from $100.00 to $400.00. Why waste your money buying new toner cartridges when, depending upon how much you print, you can save thousands of dollars by extending the life of your toner cartridges?

Some instructions tell you that toner is toxic and that you must wear a dust mask and latex gloves when refilling a toner cartridge. I've refilled dozens of toner cartridges, and although I wouldn't purposely inhale toner nor have it for lunch, toner is not really dangerous. However, you don't want to spill toner on a carpet, so it's better to work over a tile floor.

Some instructions claim that you need to pour out remaining toner and use a special vacuum tool to extract any remaining toner from the cartridge. If the new toner that you're adding is not chemically exactly the same as the old toner remaining in the cartridge, this could slightly affect print quality. But this is only important if you need perfect print quality or in production environment such as a toner refill company.

This video shows you how easy it is for you to refill your own toner cartridge using the Uni-Kit toner refill kit The Uni-Kit toner refill kit comes with toner, a funnel, detailed step-by-step instructions on how to refill all types of toner cartridges, as well as a plug (if applicable) and a hole making tool (if applicable).

Different toner cartridges refill in different ways and every model is explained in the detailed instruction guide. Even though different toner cartridges look and feel a little different, there are general principles involved in refilling toner cartridges. Every cartridge has a refill port through which you can add toner. Some cartridges have a chip which may need to be replaced.

With all Brother monochrome toner cartridges as well as many other types, the refill port is easily identifiable on the side of the cartridge. That refill port is covered by a plug. That plug can be easily removed by prying it off using a flat-blade screwdriver. The toner can then be added through that refill port.

In order to pour the toner into the cartridge you attach the funnel to the toner refill bottle and pour the toner into the cartridge. When the cartridge is full you can plug the cartridge back up with the same plug.

Other toner cartridges, like color toner cartridges by HP, don't have a visible refill port. You need to create a refill port. For this you use the toner cartridge hole making tool. The hole making device is either sold with the kit or sold separately. You plug the hole making tool into an AC power outlet and let it rest on it's stand while it warms up. You want to be careful not to burn yourself with the tool.

When the tool is heated up, hold the tool by the handle and make a hole in the toner cartridge in the location shown in the illustrated instruction guide. 30 seconds of applying heat to the cartridge with the hole making tool should make a perfectly round hole. The hole is your refill port where you'll be able to add toner. You're kit will come with a plug to seal the hole.

Some toner cartridges come with a chip that recognizes how much toner is in the cartridge. When the cartridge is empty the chip will read empty. Many printers will not function unless the chip is replaced. To replace the chip, you slide it out and replace it with a replacement chip which is sold as a separate accessory.

Most toner cartridges can be refilled by the same principle; finding the refill port or creating a refill port, adding the toner, and resealing the port. And, in some cases adding a replacement chip.

Make sure you select the Uni-Kit toner refill kit that is applicable to your specific printer model, and follow the detailed step-by-step instruction guide to refill your specific toner cartridge.

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