How to Transfer a File From PC to Kindle

Although, to be displayed correctly, only ebooks in the Kindle Format (.AZW) can be read on a Kindle. However, other formats such as (.PDF) ,(.TXT), Microsoft Word (.DOC & .DOCX) and (.RTF) can also be read. And there are a lot of free eBooks and documents available in these formats. Here's how to transfer them from your PC to your Kindle.

The USB port on a Kindle is normally used for charging, but it can also be used for file transfer. To change the USB out of charging mode you need to connect the kindle to your PC via USB cable.

To Configure USB File Transfers

1. On the Kindle's home page, click on Settings (the gear icon).

2. On the Settings screen, click on Connected Devices

3. Click on USB
Set the Radio button for (o) this device
Set the Radio button for (o) Use USB for File Transfer

To Transfer File

1. On the PC (under This PC) Open Fire Device, select Internal storge

2. Navigate to Kindle's documents folder

3. Drag-n-drop file from PC to kindle documents folder

When you disconnect the USB cable from the PC, it returns to charging mode, so you have to configure it for USB file transfer mode each time you need it.

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