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Free Goodies for Your PCs

Who said that all that is good isn't free? Well guess what, below is the list of software for five different categories that you can download and use for free. These software can help your activities and enhance your system capabilities. You might also be surprised on how deep all of these software really are considering their free of charge status. Check it out:

1. Goggle Picasa (Picture Manager and Editor) Like its slogan: "The easy way to find, edit, and share your photos", Google Picassa offers a very complete solution for photo enthusiasts and fortunately without any charge at all. First, it can manage and organize your photos. Second, it has an amazing array of automatic editing tools. And if editing image is not enough, the third capability of Picasa is that you can always create and transform those images with it into photo slide shows, colleges, and movies.

Have a webcam? Guess what, Picasa also supports live-capturing from this device. When all is done, Google has provided you with Picasa Web albums where you can share with other family members and friends from the entire world. Furthermore, Google has released Picasa 3. The "3" signifying another fact that this is a very popular software among Photo enthusiasts, a highly recommendable free product.

2. Open Office (The best alternative to Microsoft Office) So why it's a very recommendable product to become the best alternative to Microsoft Office? Because not only its status of being the leading open-source office software suite (meaning that you can use and distribute it freely), it offers a totally wide features you can't imagine exist on a free office software suite.

The suite itself contains fundamental applications for office needs, they are "Write" for word processing, "Calc" for spreadsheet, "Impress" for multimedia presentation, "Draw" for graphics, and "Base" for database. And don't worry about your past documents that you have created with other office suite, because Open Office not only can save and read your projects in its own international standard format, it also can save and read from other common office software package. It's very nice indeed.

3. Mozilla Thunderbird (A very fast, simple, yet powerful mail client)

Its simple look and intuitive design will fool you to see that this is a powerful email client. But as soon as you send and receive your first email from your favorite web-based mail services like Gmail, Hotmail, or Yahoo Mail, that would change. Configuration for these web mail services is also quite simple and straight forward (while not as advance as Outlook 2008 which can download automatically server settings for every popular web mail services).

It also offers "Advanced Folder Views" for you to choose the best possible display for your folder, "Message Tagging" which adds descriptions for the desired message, and customizable message filter. For your own security and privacy, Thunderbird has included Phishing protection and technology which improves its filtering each time you mark a message as spam. Not only that, Thunderbird also supported by robust selection of add-ons including themes that you can download directly from their website.

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