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Six Reasons Why You Should Transcribe Your Videos

Video marketing is a proven method to generate quality traffic to what ever you are promoting. However, if you don't Transcribe Your Videos, your video marketing results may be less than expected. Here are six reasons why you should transcribe your videos:

1. Ease of Understanding: Everyone speaks differently, at different speeds, with different accents. Your message may get lost because of these seemingly trivial things. Transcribing is useful for people who may have difficulty understanding the accent or may have missed a point because of the distracting sounds in the background.

Sometimes, the words we hear are different from the actual words. A simple example is our surprise when we get the chance to look at the actual lyrics of a song. The lyric 'just a whim' may end up sounding similar to 'just the wind'. Some speeches can be a bit overbearing when the speaker generously uses words like 'uh' and 'um'. This inconvenience becomes somewhat tolerable when the viewer starts focusing on the words appearing in the subtitles/captions when you transcribe your videos.

2. Search Engines: If you are one of those individuals that want their content to rank better on video platforms like YouTube, transcription is an excellent tool to get you there. From an SEO point of view, your content can get hits through searches based on words used in the video. We have all searched using partial lyrics of a song or a partial quote from a speech.

3. Accessibility: You also give accessibility to people who have hearing disabilities. This might seem like a small market for a video pertaining to a product or a service, but it's nice to contribute to society and not limit your content. Transcribing also does not restrict itself to spoken words. Sounds can also be transcribed for the hearing impaired.

4. Global Reach: Once it is transcribed, translators can take up the task to translate the content in their language. By transcribing your video yourself, you will reduce the burden from the shoulders of translators to transcribe your video. You remove the initial hurdle and in this way your content gets the opportunity to be translated into another language and become genuinely global when you transcribe your videos.

5. Archival: Sometimes we require recalling or recollecting information. This recollection can be during court cases or referring to materials. Currently there is no technology commonly available that can search using audio or video clips. Mostly tags are used to mark the content of a video and sometimes these tags are not very descriptive. If a video is transcribed it can be searched based on the words in its transcription.

6. Stand out from the crowd: There are many videos out there that have no transcription and not doing transcription may reduce the amount of effort required for the content. But by having videos transcribed, your end product, strongly suggests that you are serious about your content's message and you care about your audience. By transcribing videos, you take the extra step, you run the extra mile and you stand out from the crowd.

Given the developing importance and awareness for content based on quality, more and more people are turning to video transcriptions. This is the future of content. There are many people and organizations that offer transcription services. However, only take services from those that offer higher accuracy, good turnaround times and value for your money. Visit Work Online Kenya for excellent transcription services.

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